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Meaningful Work Mentor Program

Concordia's Meaningful Work Mentor Program connects students with career professionals, including alumni, employers, and other friends of Concordia, for career exploration, professional networking, and personal growth.  By matching students with professionals who have life and work experience in a similar field, job function or industry of interest, students are given a great opportunity to explore careers and gain valuable advice.  They also have the opportunity to witness how career integrates with the other aspects of life.  Our goal at the end of a mentoring adventure is that Concordia students, alumni or partners are both enriched by a transformational learning experience.  

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Student Mentee Application

Mentor Application

The Partnership

  • A match based on career interests, field of study, and/or professional development interest.
  • Strengths based assessment as the foundation of understanding self/mentee (if applicable).
  • A customized M.A.P. (Mentoring Action Plan) with well-defined goals to accomplish during the partnership.  
  • A communication plan that includes frequency and means of meetings (phone, email, or virtual space).  

The Duration

Student and mentor will choose a duration depending on the goals of the partnership.  Some suggestions are:

Trek Duration Features
One Year Trek Calendar or academic, usually 3 semesters (fall, spring, and summer) A partnership where the mentee sets 3 or more professional goals and detailed learning activities that will reach the goals.  The mentor provides advice and expertise to guide the student toward successful completion of the goals.
Semester Trek 15-16 weeks, usually over a single semester Similar to the one year trek, but establishes goals that can be accomplished in a shorter time period.
30-day Trek 1 month Focused on a few specific activities such as informational interviews, completing a resume, preparing for job interviews, or exploring a specific company or industry.
Job Shadow Trek 3-5 days An exploration of a company or profession where the student accompanies an alum at work to observe the day-to-day activities of a particular job.


The Goals

The Center facilitates the introduction of the partnership and helps the student and mentor start a mentoring action plan (M.A.P.), which will address goal areas that may include professional skills, professional networks, and personal development.  The partnership's learning agreement serves as the communication plan and expectations of the partnership.


Learning Agreement

lives changed forever  


Applications are accepted throughout the calendar year.  There are no special academic requirements for students to apply.  Mentors are required to pass a criminal background check prior to being matched with a student mentee.  The center will contact applicants within 5 business days of receiving the application. 



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