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Know Thyself

Knowing who you are is the first step in building a successful personal profile and resume for the job market. Before you start it is important that you know what skills, interests, talents, ethics, and professional values make you unique. Visit the Majors and Careers page for exploration tools and assessments.

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Purpose of a resume is to:

  • Get an interview
  • Communicate accomplishments and value relevant to a specific opportunity
  • Serve as a marketing tool

Before you ask a career coach or trusted mentor to review your resume, read and apply what you learn from the ResumeBuilder . Pay special attention to the format of your resume, the profile and skills section, and to crafting your accomplishment statements under the experience section.


General Tips

    • Recruiters want to know you are applying to a specific position. Write your resume for the current opportunity. The job posting will provide clues as to what the recruiter is looking for in a candidate.
    • Recruiters want to learn about you quickly. Power pack the top of your resume with character statements, talent phrases, and major accomplishments and experience.
    • Recruiters want to easily find your experience. Use bold, spacing, and indention to organize the experience section in reverse chronological order.

Find more resume writing resources at Career One Stop image career one stop image 2

Online Profiles

Purpose of an online profile is to:

  • Connect and network with other professionals
  • Communicate your accomplishments, talents, and character
  • Serve as a marketing tool


Create and maintain your online profiles at

It is always best practice to have someone review your online profile before placing it on the job market.

Contact the Center to schedule an appointment at or call 512-313-5041.



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