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Work on Campus

Working on campus during college is a great way to explore the world of work and learn new skills.  Each semester the university posts student worker positions.   Find current openings below.  

The best opportunity for students to find an on campus job is in the fall.

How do I search and apply for on campus jobs?

Apply using the application link below or in the job posting.  Indicate if you are applying to more than one position in the application.  A hiring supervisor will contact you if you are selected for an interview.  (The University partners with employers to offer a select few work study eligible students an off campus, federally funded job.  For more information schedule an appointment at


Maintenance Office Assistant

Maintenance Specialist I

Peer Tutor

Security Department, Student Worker I

Lead Generation Specialist

Junior Admissions Counselor

Student Nursing Assistant

Student Assistant, Communications


What do I do if I'm a work study student?

Work study is a type of funding for student worker pay and is awarded through financial aid based on the number of hours worked.  Work study students are eligible for all of the positions listed and will follow the same process above to apply.

Where do I go to fill out new hire paperwork after I'm hired?

After you are offered a student worker position the supervisor will direct you to Human Resources in Building D on the 1st floor to complete new hire paperwork.

How long does a student worker position last?

Student worker positions are active only for the current semester hired.  Students should ask their supervisor if the position will continue the following semester.

How many hours can I work each week?

Students can work a maximum of 19 hours a week for the university.  A student who works in multiple positions for the university must not exceed the maximum combined for all on campus jobs. 

Current & Incoming Students

Majors & Careers



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