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Students of Concern

For many faculty, staff, parents, friends or peers it can be difficult to see your student, child, or friend struggle.  At times it can be a very powerless feeling to not know how to help them or offer support.  CTX has created a simple and easy format for you to intervene through the Early Alert System.  If you are concerned for a student you can complete the Early Alert Form which will be reviewed by members of the Behavioral Intervention Support Team (BIST).

If you see signs that a student is struggling please feel free to complete the early alert form or you can come by or contact the Counseling Center and have a consultation with the counselor.  

Distressed student

Signs that a student is struggling

  • Classroom disruption
  • Violations of residence hall rules
  • Drunkenness in the classroom or dormitories
  • Threatening words or behaviors
  • Writings that convey clear intentions to harm self or others
  • Observed self injurious behavior, such as cutting, burning
  • On-line postings that are threatening to self or others
  • Excessive class absenteeism
  • Suicidal threats, gestures, ideation or attempts
  • Stalking
  • Relationship violence
  • Acts motivated by hatred, discrimination, or paranoia
  • Flat affect or extreme lack of responsiveness
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