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Where to Find Everything on Campus



Where to find answers

Academic Matters

Academic Advising; Faculty Advisers; Chief Academic Officer; Registrar

Alcohol & Drug Awareness, Education, Referral and Consultation:

Counseling Center

Athletic Eligibility

Athletic Director; Registrar

Books & Other Supplies

University Bookstore

Campus Employment

Center for Vocation & Professional Development

Campus Events

Campus Bulletin Boards; Scheduling and Events; Sports Information Office; Student Life Office; ; Tornado Watch Newsletter; University Communications

Career Counseling/Management

Center for Vocation & Professional Development


Campus Pastor

Course Requirements & Planning

Academic Advising; Academic Catalog; Faculty Advisers; Registrar

Damage or Repairs

Helpdesk; Maintenance; Residential Life Office

Dining Services / Cafeteria

Sodexo; Dining Hall Menu

Disability Services

Student Success Center

Conduct Expectations & Disciplinary Procedures

Student Services Office

Faith Questions

Campus Pastor; Can-Do Missions; Faculty; Local Churches; Student Services Office


Support Services

Finances, Fees, Tuition

Student Central



Graduation Requirements

Academic Advising; Academic Catalog; Faculty Advisers; Registrar

Housing (on & off campus)

Residential Life Office

ID Cards

CTX Police

Independent Study

Department Chairs; Faculty;  Registrar

International Programs

Study Abroad & Experiential Learning

International Student Adviser

Study Abroad & Experiential Learning


Center for Vocation & Professional Development

Intramural Programs

Student Life Office

Intramural Equipment

Student Life Office


Student Financial Services


Support Services

Organizations & Clubs

President of Organization or Club; Student Life Office

Outdoor Recreation

Student Life Office

Parking Permits

CTX Police

Personal Concerns

Campus Pastor; Counseling Center; Director of Residential Life; Director of Student Success Center; Dean of StudentsResidential Life Staff

Photocopy Machine


Post Office Boxes & Service

Support Services

Probation (academic)

Academic Advising; Director of Student Success Center; Registrar; Student Central

Probation (disciplinary)

Dean of Students


Student Life Office

Room Change

Residential Life Office

Safety & Security

Campus Police; Director of Physical Plant;  Dean of Students; Residential Life Office


Student Financial Resources

Student Employment

Center for Vocation & Professional Development; Student Financial Resources

Study Areas

Campus Lounges; Library; Residence Hall Lounges

Study Skills

Academic Advising; Counseling Center; Student Success Center


CTX PoliceDean of Students; Residential Life Office



Transfer Information

Registrar's Office


Student Success Center

Withdrawal from a course

Registrar's Office; Student Central

Withdrawal from the University

Faculty Adviser; RegistrarStudent Central

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