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Concordia University Texas is actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation. Stay informed with our latest updates.
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Website Details

The Concordia University Texas website ( is built using W3C standard HTML5 and CSS to provide the best and most accessible browsing experience possible as well as to support a wide range of browsers. The Concordia Web Team has tested the website with following browsers and are officially supported and recommended for use:



Mac OS X

Note to Internet Explorer for Mac users:
Microsoft Internet Explorer for Macintosh is no longer supported by Microsoft; therefore, it is not listed as a recommended browser for Concordia University Texas websites. We recommend either Chrome or Safari for Macintosh users.

You have a choice

If you are using a browser and/or version that is not listed above, we highly recommend upgrading. Not only will you be able to view this website more successfully, but you will be able to view many other Web sites more efficiently and securely since these browsers support the latest web technologies.

If you have any questions or comments about the recommended browsers, please feel free to leave feedback for the Web Team.