Service-Learning Week


But he wanted to justify himself, so he asked Jesus, "And who is my neighbor?" Luke 10:29


Thank you for participating in the 11th annual Service-Learning week!

November 6-12, 2017


** Visit the Service-Learning Week Table between Buildings C and D for more information **

Technology & Justice 

Service-Learning Week Schedule

Monday: Water to Thrive Launch

Visit our table between C&D from 9-1pm to learn about Water to Thrive and talk with alumni Jazzy Schwolert who now works for W2T. 

Opportunities and Events:

  • Water to Thrive Launch

Tuesday: FreeRice

Table between C&D from 11-2pm

Opportunities and Events:

  • FreeRice Campaign

Wednesday: Endowed Lecture

Andrew Donoho belongs to the board of directors of EFF Austin, having been involved with the organization for 30 years. He builds cryptographically secure systems, such as Silent Text and Spot Marks the Tax™. Silent Text supports cryptographically secure text communications and the other is a cryptographically private location tracker. He has also written scientific visualization, social media, and magazine apps. 


"EFF-Austin advocates establishment and protection of digital rights and defense of the wealth of digital information, innovation, and technology. We promote the right of all citizens to communicate and share information without unreasonable constraint. We also advocate the fundamental right to explore, tinker, create, and innovate along the frontier of emerging technologies." Andrew Donoho will be speaking as to the pros and cons of technology, and what its place is in our own lives.

Opportunities and Events:

  • Endowed Lecture- Andrew Donoho 11&12am

  • Please join us for lunch at Flores after the 12am lecture.

Thursday: Dove Tiles

 Come decorate Dove Tiles in the ceramic studios with us; the proceeds will be going to a local women's shelter.

Opportunities and Events:

  • Dove Tiles from 6:30-8:30pm

Friday: "Seven"

 We will have a table outside the play where you can donate and be part of the conversation on Technology & Justice.

Opportunities and Events:

  • 7:30pm in the Blackbox theatre

Saturday: Environmental Service

 Join us as we work to beautify our campus. Please meet at the front of the library. 

Opportunities and Events:

  • Tornado Trails 9-11am


To participate in any service opportunity, register on GivePulse.

For more information about the Service-Learning Program or about Service-Learning Week, please email

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