Adult Degree Program

Concordia University Texas offers a unique learning experience within the Adult Degree Program (ADP). Tailored for adults with busy lives, ADP courses are intensive, inspiring, and designed to put each student's professional and personal goals on the fast track.

ADP graduates represent a diverse range of ages, professions, and interests. Yet they all have one thing in common: they realize that it's never too late to pursue a college degree. Yes, college requires an investment of time, energy, and financial resources, but a well-focused program with first-rate instructors will reward you for the rest of your life. Concordia provides the ideal place for time-crunched adults to make an investment in their education.

Why Choose Concordia?

  • Affiliated with the Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod, built on a cornerstone of Christian compassion and integrity
  • Flexible on-ground or online classes
  • Students complete each course in 5, 8 or 10 weeks
  • Students receive individualized attention in small classes (usually 12-20 students)
  • Concordia has a long tradition of academic excellence
  • Incoming students are grouped into small cohorts to provide a supportive gathering of familiar faces throughout the degree process

We are a caring community of scholarship and service, thriving in Texas since 1926 for more than eighty-eight years. If you are ready to invest in your future, apply to Concordia today and attend a Admissions Open House to get your instant admission decision.

Adult Degree Program Options

Fall 2019 Registration is Open Now Through August 2019

Class schedules will no longer be published in PDF table format, as has been done in the past. Since there is much more information included on the class schedule now, students need to be able to access complete and real-time schedules, and not a static document.

The Class Schedule is found in MyInfo, and listed below are the basic directions on how to navigate the schedule:

  • Go to MyInfo and click on Class Schedule (don't login)
  • Select upcoming semester
  • Click and drag to select all subjects in the Subject listing
  • Click on the Campus you want (for ADP classes, Main; for online classes, select On-Line)
  • Click Undergraduate for Course Level
  • Click Class Search

You'll then get a list of all ADP classes scheduled on campus or online for that semester listed alphabetically by course number.

You can also search for a particular course by selecting search parameters for that course.