Global Health and Economic Development

BBA with a Concentration in Global Health and Economic Development

In today's world, health is a measure of quality of life and has great impact on human productivity in the labor force. A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. Health trends are changing in both developed (high income) and developing (low and middle income) countries. As the world becomes increasingly interdependent and borders shrink, health concerns and diseases in different parts of the world affect us all. Students in this program are specially trained in global health topics as well as the breadth and depth of issues that cross disciplines and help to promote a healthy society. Graduates of this program can be: public health technicians, environmental specialists, public health program specialists, public health nutritionists, occupational health and safety specialists, computer specialists, community outreach/field workers, policy analysts/planners, public health educators, or health information system/data analysts.

Completion of a degree in public health will allow students to have a health-related career in a variety of industries that support population health and well-being including jobs in the public sector as well as for non-profit multinational corporations, international organizations and non-profit organizations at the local, community, state, national, and international levels.


Dr. GlendeneFor more information on the Global Health and Economic Development Concentration, contact Dr. Glendene Lemard-Marlow, Assistant Professor of Global Health, at or 512-313-5312.

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