COB Mission, Vision, and Values


In support of, and in direct relation to the mission of Concordia University Texas, the mission of the College of Business is to empower students to be people of influence.


We envision individuals, businesses, organizations, and communities that are more fully engaged in solving the region's critical issues in creative and thoughtful ways.

This is being accomplished through an emergence of leaders who

1) empower others to use their gifts and talents;

2) approach issues in a positive manner;

3) bring a high level of competence to the task at hand;

4) combine a passion for what they do with a heart that honors others; and

5) maintain a view of the world that is encouraging and hopeful despite contrary circumstances.

Graduates of Concordia's College of Business believe they are called to make a difference wherever they are placed, using their knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values/ethics to influence others in their places of business, organizations, and communities toward this vision.

Because they conceptualize their work through a more holistic view of the world, they practice their vocations with a spirit of hard work, enthusiasm, and love, exercising their leadership abilities for the common good.

To ensure this type of graduate, Concordia's College of Business develops programs that

1) challenge students to think critically, deeply, creatively, and holistically;

2) engage students in multiple ways of learning with an emphasis on collaboration;

3) actively use assessment that matters; and

4) hold forth a worldview shaped by a Lutheran understanding of vocation and ethics.

Concordia's College of Business ensures that this vision is a reality by:

1) offering a rigorous course of study that promotes both knowledge and skill development;

2) ensuring teacher/student ratios that promote relationship building;

3) creating partnerships that recognize, support and enhance the value of the Concordia graduate;

4) having sufficient funds to carry out its goals;

5) graduating a sufficient number of students each year to impact the region; and

6) putting our faith and values at the center of all we do.


As a community of learners, the following values guide us in all of our relationships and decision making efforts:

  • We believe in possibilities and the ability to make things better
  • We are willing to hold the tension of the concept of "both/and" while answers emerge
  • We are not afraid of mistakes or failure as a path to learning and success
  • We welcome all people with respect, love, and compassion
  • We believe that together we can synergistically achieve more than any of us can alone
  • We hold each other accountable for our actions and results
  • We practice forgiveness guided by mercy and justice


Our Mission is Developing Christian Leaders