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The Communication major at Concordia allows students to discover, evaluate and create authentic messages for a greater good in our world . . . grounded in a Lutheran understanding of law and gospel, sin and grace, guilt and redemption. A broad spectrum of ideas is explored while engaging in the big topics of what is true, good, and beautiful in this life.

(Excerpt from the 2013 Concordia Communication Departments Lutheran Distinctive Statement)


Dear Concordia Texas Communication Alumni:

We know you agree that Concordia University Texas is unique. We are positioned to produce the kind of graduates who will define what is true, good, and beautiful for our culture. Concordia develops Christian leaders, but as you know, we also develop Christian communicators.

We know you recognize the power of communication and the urgency we face. You will be pleased your alma mater is improving to meet these ever-changing cultural challenges. We have recently revamped our entire program and feature two relevant concentrations: Interpersonal Communication and Public Relations and Advertising. Academically, Concordia graduates are well prepared for their careers but we need your help to make these programs state-of-the-art.

We ask you to join the faculty in creating an annual fund to support the kind of educational initiatives that will make our major outstanding. Help us raise a new generation of communicators who will play a significant role in leading our profession and influencing our culture for good.


  • A gift of $1,000 will help fund an Artist-In-Residence program to bring real-world experiences to the classroom.
  • A gift of $800 will help purchase a DSLR high definition camera for student productions.
  • A gift of $600 will provide scholarships for students to take faculty-led travel courses or to attend intercollegiate journalism/broadcasting conferences.
  • A gift of $400 will provide underwriting for The Monthly Spin student news magazine and Tornado Radio.
  • A gift of $200 will help generate motivational incentives for student communication contests like Persuasion Contagion.
  • A gift of $100 will help us provide field trips in the Austin area for Communication students so they can converse with active industry professionals.


Your continued partnership in our efforts is deeply appreciated. To make your tax-deductible gift of any amount by credit card online, visit

Our deepest thanks,

Dr. Abigail Pfiester (chair), Dr. Erik Green, and Rev. Dr. Paul Muench, and our many partners, Advisory Board members, and adjuncts.



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What people are saying about the Communication Major at Concordia

CTX Department of Communication


"Your program is an incredible one, and it is a testament to your vision and labor!"

Dr. Carl Trovall
Dean of the CTX College of Liberal Arts


"One of the best, and sometimes most challenging, aspects of being a Communication student at Concordia was that our professors always encouraged us to push the limits."

Sarah Middleton
Project Manager


"I attribute my success to the education and guidance I received at Concordia University. Not only did I receive a top-notch education, I found a family of friends that continue to bless my life long after graduation!"

Kristin Wollman
Director of Marketing


"The one-on-one time with the professors and in the class room aren't something that can be found in a large, just-another-face-in-the-crowd university. It really is a uniquely personal experience that sets the foundation for a career in communications - and I'd do it again in a heartbeat."

Joanna Hamilton
Customer Service Manager


"Concordia University provided me the perfect education. It fostered unique opportunities with the community that provoked real world conversations. And most importantly supported my passion for knowledge by always allowing me a comforting and secure net so I could aim for the stars."

Shayda Torabi
Events Coordinator


"It was a proud moment for me when they were able to show that I was a graduate of Concordia University on national television when I was announced in the semi-finals!"

Ana Rodriguez
Finalist Miss USA


"The Concordia Communication program in particular changed me and challenged me in ways I never thought possible. It is Christ-centered, which I feel the world needs. I loved being able to debate in class and feel comfortable enough around everyone to know that the professors truly care about us and want to help us achieve our goals."

Adrianna Morfitt
Graduate Student


"The relationships I made, both with peers and professors, continue to be a blessing in my life. With my professors mentoring and guidance, I was able to complete three unique internship experiences, one of which ultimately led to the job I have now. I am proud to be a graduate."

Katherine Schaefer
Director of Marketing


"We are grateful for the time, energy, and wisdom we received from our Concordia Communications professors. After twenty years, we continue to thank God for the opportunities He gave us through Concordia and specifically this department."

Chris Mary Stockton
Communication Specialist Educator

"Lets give back to the campus, the program, and the people who helped get us to where we are today. Lets also give in order to enhance the credibility and longevity of our wonderful communications program."

Derrick Finch
Account Manager

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