The mission of the Communication Major at Concordia University is to develop:

  • effective public speakers
  • versatile cross-medium writers
  • competent technology users
  • healthy relationship partners

To meet this mission we offer 2 concentrations:

  1. Public Relations and Advertising 
  2. Interpersonal Communication

We also help students prepare for communication careers through hands-on learning via our student-run newspaper, radio shows, speech contests and on-campus PR projects.


The Communication program requires that all students complete a 150+ hour internship. Many students enjoy this real-world application of their coursework so much, they take on additional internships, which we welcome.

Learning Environment

While our distinction as a program is embedded in all our classes, Concordia's Lutheran ethos is featured directly in courses like Communication and the Church, and Cinema and Religion. The faculty help students develop eloquent and articulate messages in written, verbal, and visual form while being sensitive to particular audiences, message construction, and intended impact.

We are fortunate to have such small classes, so every course provides a very personal experience for our students. In addition to cultivating a strong relationship with our Communication faculty through these small classroom sizes, students feel that our unique projects and environments complement their learning experience. Some examples include:

  • We have a Radio Lab dedicated to our Communication Majors.
  • Students regularly go out into the community to complete Service Learning projects for classes.
  • We bring guest speakers to campus to enrich our education and ensure we are offering a cutting-edge degree.


Our Mission is Developing Christian Leaders