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Meet the College of Business Dean

Dr. Lynette Gillis has accepted the position of Dean of the College of Business, following the appointment of former Dean Dr. Don Christian to CEO at Concordia.

Dr. Gillis began at CTX in 2008, as a full-time business Assistant Professor of Management. The areas she specializes in include international business, leadership and strategic management. She has also been serving as the director of the undergraduate Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) program where she was responsible for developing the course schedule, hiring of all part-time instructors, student advising, curriculum assessment planning and data reporting. Dr. Gillis has worked closely with Dr. Donald Christian to ensure that the program quality, growth and improvements provide a robust and relevant curriculum in the College of Business.

In addition, Dr. Gillis created the business scholars program, where she is actively involved with the Ethics in Business and Community Awards for the greater Austin area, as well as oversees the Business Thrivent Scholars Program. In addition to her role as full-time professor, Dr. Gillis has served as the chair of general education committee and previously as the chair of the faculty welfare committee.

As Dean, Dr. Gillis will oversee the College of Business operations and academic processes and provide leadership and oversight to its graduate and undergraduate programs for all locations, including the main campus, remote centers and on-line. Dr. Gillis will also take over the Speaker Series and oversee the College of Business budgets.

"Dr. Gillis has all the qualities needed to be successful in this role she understands the needs of faculty and students, has the respect of the broader CTX faculty, and is well known and respected throughout the greater Austin region," Dr. Donald Christian said. "Im excited to work with her in this role and I know that she will continue to build the College of Business at Concordia."

Dr. Gillis earned her Ph.D. in Management from the University of Texas at Austin in 2008. She currently lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and four children.


College of Business receives $10,000 donation from RecognizeGood and EiBC

RecognizeGood and EiBC presented a $10,000 scholarship to the Business Scholars Program at Concordia University on Thursday Feb. 26, during the Ethics in Business Community Alumni Gathering held on campus. The scholarship will aid with travel, local business tours, challenge courses and leadership training. Last year, the scholarship was used for an integrated computer decision-making leadership simulation, as well as a Georgetown Challenge Course that focused on teamwork, leadership and values.

The event also recognized past EiBC award recipients and announced the 2015EiBC finalists.

EiBC award nominees are evaluated by Concordia University undergraduate students participating in the College of Business Business Scholars Program. Students review and research the nominees, narrow the list to 15 finalists three in each category (individual, nonprofit, and small, mid-size, or large business)and create an in-depth review of each finalist. The finalists reviews are then presented to an independent selection committee comprised of business and community leaders who vote on the award recipients. The selection committee is led by Donald Christian, Ph.D., CEO of Concordia University.

Being a part of this process helped me understand not only what I learned in the classroom, but also how to represent the University in a variety of networking opportunities and meetings, Amanda Hurvitz, former Thrivent Scholar, said. After doing the research, I decided that I really want to be a part of companies like the ones we chose as finalists, because I learned how important it is for organizations to have high ethical standards and values.

Group with Check 2015 Thrivent Scholars

Left to Right: Brad Goodlander, Reina Wiatt (RecognizeGood),Skye Truss, Kassi Kincaid, Nick Martin, Jacob Rountree,Tom Wiatt (RecognizeGood), Dr. Lynette Gillis
Not pictured: Damian Del Signore, Amber Kaskie, Melissa Larimore,Vicente Lizcano, Lauren Moore, Chelsea Smith, Hannah Thoms


All Finalsits

All finalists


Individual:(Left to Right)Ron Mullen, Jack Allen, Patti Smith


Nonprofit:(Left to Right)Dan Ahearn(It's Time Texas),Julie Ballesteros(Manos De Creisto),Charles Avery(R.O.C.K)

Small Business

Small Business:(Left to Right)Marcus Bove(Bommarito Group),Shelby Sledge(Shelton Interactive),Wes Fang(Shelton Interactive),Amanda McGinty(Shelton Interactive),Rusty Shelton(Shelton Interactive),Josh Bejhat(Hagbros Precision)


Mid-Size Business:(Left to Right)Barrie Laing(Radiation Detection Company),Walt Barkalow(TASUS),Tracy Jackson(Radiation Detection Company),Steve Wilson(Radiation Detection Company)
Not Pictured:Kendra Scott

Large Business

Large Business:(Left to Right)Rhonda Summerbell(UFCU),Aleya Krenek(UFCU),Danae Sandoval(UFCU),Melissa Andrade(UFCU),Amanda Davidson(Freescale),Tim Shelhamer(Freescale),Sandy Dochen(IBM)


The Concordia MBA

Concordia graduated its first MBA cohort on August 4, 2012 with 38 students from both the main campus and the old North Lamar Center.MBA Photo

During a time when Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs in the Austin area are seeing declining enrollment, Concordia University continues to see an increase in the number of students seeking to further their education and careers. Since its inception in 2010, the MBA program at Concordia has grown by 255%.

MBA students take their learning and professional experience and consult with local companies, including nonprofit organizations. Students will work on creating strategic marketing plans, business plans, social media campaigns, research and other related project management initiatives for their prospective clients.

MBA program director Elise Brazier attributes the growth to the type of program the University has developed.

"Our program appeals to people looking to make a difference in their community," said Brazier. "They like that we're doing something different. Our mission to develop Christian leaders is evident in this program."

MBA student, and graduate of the first cohort, Kevin Overton-Hadnot stated that my future plans are to capitalize on the theme Concordia has instilled within me: Developing Christian Leaders. Concordia University's MBA program has helped shape many students plans as well as help them develop their own passions and a common understanding of the specific strategic steps for launching an organization.

Students in the MBA program were divided into cohorts, or learning teams as part of their educational experience. Each cohort ranged from government agencies to technological agencies to non-profit organizations.

The learning teams sort of remind me of Proverbs 27:17, As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Individual students in each team brought many different background and educational experiences to the table; therefore, each learning team served as accountability partners along the way Overton-Hadnot said.

For more information on the Concordia MBA, please visit concordia.edu/mba.

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