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MEd in Advanced Literacy Instruction

The Master of Education in Advanced Literacy Instruction prepares students to be leaders in classrooms at all levels. Graduates learn how to be advisors and advocates for literacy education, including language acquisition, literacy and literature, and instructional design. Our two-year (6-semester) online program also prepares students for the TExES Reading Specialist exam (151) that measures competency of literary specialists.

The degree qualifies you to enter specialized leadership roles in your educational community, making better benefits and salary opportunities available. The program includes a semester practicum with a student case study.

Graduate students who select this specialization will:

  • Enhance personal proficiency as leaders and resource persons in literacy education,

  • Prepare for literacy instruction at early childhood, middle and high school levels,

  • Strengthen teaching of reading and writing across the curriculum,

  • Expand knowledge of children's and adolescent literature,

  • Learn to diagnose and remediate difficulties in reading and writing, and

  • Prepare for certification as a Reading Specialist.



Core Courses (6 hours)

MED 5305 The Classroom Teacher as Researcher

MED 5308 Ethics and Leadership in Education


Specialization: Advanced Literacy Instruction (24 hours)

applicable for all Advanced Literacy students

LTC 5330 Language Acquisition and Emergent Literacy

LTC 5331 Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum

LTC 5333 Literature and Literacy

LTC 5338 Reading Literacy Programs

LTC 5339 Evaluation Diagnosis of Literacy Needs
(Prerequisite: LTC 5330, LTC 5331)

LTC 5336 Literacy Improvement Remediation Practicum
(Prerequisites: LTC 5330, LTC 5331, LTC 5338, LTC 5339, MED 5305)

 MED 5303 Curriculum Design and Practice

MED 5309 Differentiated Instruction and Learning Theory


MEd Cohort Class Schedules

Reading Specialist Program Admission & Benchmarks

Advanced Literacy students will be contacted during their first course with information about applying for the Reading Specialist program and will be added to a certification course in Blackboard.

In order to be accepted into the Reading Specialist program, students must successfully complete the following requirements:

  • Meet all university admission requirements to the Advanced Literacy specialization including:
    • A minimum GPA of 3.0 either cumulatively or in the last 60 hours from the most recently earned Bachelor's degree or higher (Candidates with a GPA of 2.75-2.99 may submit GRE scores for evaluation.)
    • An official service record with at least one (1) full year as teacher of record
    • A valid, unexpired teaching certificate
  • Successfully complete Benchmark 1 by passing interview with College of Education faculty
  • In good standing with the university
  • Accept admissions offer within required time frame

In order to remain and successfully complete the Reading Specialist program, the candidate must meet the following requirements: 

  • Remain in good standing with the University, including maintaining minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Successfully complete all required coursework
  • Successfully complete Benchmark 2, Practicum (LTC 5366), at TEA-approved, on-ground campus in Texas under guidance of state-certified mentor (Reading Specialist or Master Reading Teacher) with at least three years of experience (Candidates will be released to take the TExES exam 151-Reading Specialist after successful completion of the Practicum.)

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