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M.Ed. in Differentiated Instruction

The Master of Education in Differentiated Instruction provides educators with a sequence of courses that imparts knowledge and practical guidelines on how to adjust instruction in specific cases for students who need modifications in the classroom. The majority of courses concentrate on special education since most differentiated instruction focuses on students who have been diagnosed with learning issues and who qualify for modifications. The practices learned as part of this program can also apply to students who are unmotivated due to other issues, such as their home environment or socioeconomic concerns.

Students selecting this specialization:

  • Prepare as specialists in Differentiated Instruction

  • Develop greater knowledge and understanding of how to differentiate instruction for various student populations

  • Develop a deeper understanding of teaching through action research

  • Learn about the unique needs of exceptional learners

  • Enhance proficiency in the areas of language and intercultural communication


Core Courses (12 hours)

MED 5303 Curriculum Design and Practice

MED 5305 Classroom Teacher as Researcher

MED 5308 Ethics and Leadership in Education

MED 5309 Differentiated Instruction and Learning Theory


Specialization: Differentiated Instruction (18 hours)

CAI 5330 Action Research

DIFN 5311 Intro to the Exceptional Learner

DIFN 5312 Language Intercultural Communication Issues

DIFN 5313 Teaching Assessment Strategies

DIFN 5314 Consultation Collaboration for Exceptional Learners

DIFN 5315 Intro to Gifted and Talented Learners


M.Ed. Cohort Class Schedules


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