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Global Public Health

What Does It Look Like To Study Global Public Health at Concordia?

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Global Public Health trains students to understand the art and science of preventing disease and promoting population health through business and policy.

Program Overview

In today’s world, health is a measure of the quality of life and has a great impact on human productivity in the labor force. A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. Health trends are changing globally, creating demand for health policy professionals to address these changes.

The BA in Global Public Health prepares students for a career in a variety of industries that support population health and well-being.

Whether on campus or online, students in the program receive an engaging, collaborative learning experience with small class sizes and experienced professors. With six concentrations to choose from, each student can align their degree to their career aspirations.

Behavioral Science: Students explore psychology, sociology, social work and other behavior sciences in relation to public health. This concentration can be taken only on campus.

Environmental Science: Students examine public health through the lens of environmental science, evaluating the environment's impact on human health. The concentration is offered only on campus.

Healthcare Administration: Students delve into the healthcare field, exploring an array of topics that impact healthcare and ultimately public health. This concentration can be completed either on campus or online.

Kinesiology: Students focus on promoting public health through effective management of physical education and fitness. The concentration is offered only on campus.

Natural Science: Students expand their knowledge of the natural sciences (zoology, microbiology, anatomy, nutrition, chemistry, etc.) to understand how they affect public health. The concentration can be completed either on campus or online.

Social Science: Students evaluate the impact of the judicial and legislative branches of government on public health. This concentration may be completed on campus or online.

Curriculum Overview for a Global Public Health Degree

Through the Concordia BA in Global Public Health, students develop strong business acumen, which is essential for public health roles, and learn how to improve healthcare outcomes. The interdisciplinary courses equip students with a comprehensive knowledge of public health, and with a global focus, students will be eligible for jobs in the public sector as well as for-profit multinational corporations, international organizations and nonprofit organizations at the local, community, state, national and international levels.

Students learn about infectious diseases, chronic diseases, the risk and protective factors that impact health, and developing and evaluating health-related programs.

Here are some highlighted courses:

Essentials of Global Public Health: This course examines the main functions of public health, disease prevention and health promotion. Students learn the history and philosophy of public health, its core values and its functions across the globe and in society. Students examine the factors that impact health and how productivity is influenced by health outcomes since prevention is more cost-effective than cure. Students use case studies to learn about working in both clinical care settings and institutions that promote population health.

Globalization, Trade and Health Policy: Greater connectivity that has resulted from increasing interdependence of the world affects the speed of access to information. In this course, students focus on the dimensions of globalization, including trade in food, pharmaceutical products and tobacco as well as healthcare personnel and the shift in patterns of disease. Students learn how to capitalize on increasing connectedness to promote healthy societies.

Immigration, Violence, Disasters and Health: Students learn about issues that impact the health of vulnerable populations in the U.S. and other countries. The course explores immigration; the impact of violence, natural and man-made disasters; terrorism; and the organizations that respond to these issues.

Comparative Healthcare Systems: Students examine the U.S. healthcare system and its fundamental characteristics and organization. The course also addresses the differences of healthcare systems in other countries. Students learn about various agencies involved in health, access to healthcare and the innovative technologies and best practices of healthcare systems.

Program Benefits

  • Flexibility (on campus or online)
  • Global focus
  • Small class sizes allow for individualized attention
  • Combines business and policy to develop strong business acumen
  • Range of concentrations to align the degree with career aspirations
  • Develop versatile skills for employment opportunities in a range of industries
  • Strong earning potential

Career Outcomes

  • Community Outreach Specialist
  • Environmental Specialist
  • Health Information System/Data Analyst
  • Occupational Health and Safety Specialist
  • Policy Analyst/Planner
  • Public Health Educator
  • Public Health Nutritionist
  • Public Health Program Specialist


  • Why study Global Public Health?

    As the world becomes increasingly interdependent and borders shrink, health concerns and diseases in different parts of the world affect us all. Students in this program are specially trained in global health topics as well as the breadth and depth of issues in cross disciplines that help to promote a healthy society.

  • Why study Global Public Health at Concordia?

    The Concordia BA in Global Public Health offers students an interdisciplinary, global approach that prepares them for employment opportunities in a variety of industries. Public health professions require strong business acumen; that's why Concordia's program teaches the art and science of public health, instructing students how to improve healthcare outcomes through business and policy.

    Additionally, students can customize their degree to meet their needs. Our concentration options allow students to focus in an area related to their interests, and we are one of the few undergraduate public health programs that offers a fully online program.

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