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Master of Public Health

Advance Your Career With a Concordia MPH

As the need for healthcare professionals continues to grow, the demand for qualified public health professionals grows with it. Public health professionals work to change healthcare for the better through improved business practices and policies.

Public health is the art and science of disease prevention and health promotion among various populations of people. Whether you're interested in programmatic roles, health research, or advocacy, the Concordia MPH will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to serve others, make a positive impact on communities and access leadership roles within the field.

The program is ideal for anyone with a bachelor's degree who is interested in entering or advancing within the field. Concordia MPH graduates will emerge as effective public health leaders.

Program Overview

Through Concordia's curriculum that emphasizes ethics and social justice, MPH students explore a range of topics about the multi-faceted field of public health, ranging from health behavior and environmental health to epidemiology and global health systems. Students will learn how to use business practices and policies to improve public health.

Courses are taught by experienced faculty members with diverse professional backgrounds, creating a richer learning environment. The fully online program gives students the flexibility to balance family, work and school. Additionally, our cohort learning model provides students with a professional network of supportive peers.

In one of the courses, students choose a topic of interest for a project, resulting in a degree customized to the student's professional goals.

Curriculum Overview for a Master of Public Health Degree

As an MPH student, you will:

Program Benefits

The Concordia MPH is unique from other programs for many reasons:

Concordia professors are attentive to each student's particular needs, providing online students with the same individualized attention that on-campus students receive. With a personalized education, you will be better prepared to excel in your desired role.

"The marketplace for professionals in public health is competitive, and a master's degree is a strong asset to have. Concordia is very attentive to student needs, which helps our MPH graduates stand out."

-Dr. Glendene Lemard-Marlow
MPH Director

Career Outcomes


  • Why enter public health?

    The field of public health is a wonderful way to serve others. Health needs continue to grow in America, which means that the demand for public health professionals also continues to grow. You have the opportunity to improve health for groups of people locally, nationally and internationally.

    If you're already in the field of public health, an MPH grants you access to advancement opportunities.

  • Why earn your MPH at Concordia?

    The Concordia University Texas MPH is unique because it's rooted in ethics and social justice. The University seeks to equip students spiritually and academically to transform communities around them through leadership and influence.

    Additionally, the faculty have diverse professional backgrounds, offering students a comprehensive approach.

  • Do I have to have previous public health experience?

    No previous experience in public health is required. The Concordia MPH is open to anyone with a bachelor's degree who is interested in the field of public health.

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