Standards and Guidelines for Uniforms and Personal Appearance in Clinical Agencies

Students are expected to be in complete uniform with nametags visible at all times while in the clinical area.

Make sure unit personnel and clients are aware of your status while in uniform; i.e., introduce yourself and include title Student Nurse. Always report on and off the nursing unit.

Students must abide by the dress code of the specific agency in which they are placed for clinical practicum; therefore, the clinical instructor will be judge of appropriate uniform in a given agency.



The uniform must be clean and wrinkle-free for each wearing. The Concordia University Texas student uniform consists of a purple scrub top with the school logo on the left chest and matching scrub pant. A long- or short-sleeved white shirt or turtleneck may be worn under the scrub top.


Name badges include: Name, Student Nurse, Concordia University Texas, and must be worn during all clinical experiences. The name badge may be worn on a lanyard or a clip. 


Shoes must be white or black and closed toe and heel. Shoes must not be made of material that allows fluids to pass through. Athletic shoes that meet the shoe requirements are permitted. All footwear must be polished and buffed, and shoelaces must be clean. Students are strongly urged to purchase a shoe that gives adequate support to the feet.


Excessive make-up is not acceptable. No perfume is allowed in respect for persons who are ill or sensitive to chemicals. Nails must be kept short and clean. Artificial nails, which may harbor bacteria dangerous to clients, are not allowed. Nail polish is not allowed.


Hair must be clean, may not touch the shoulders and must be kept back from the face in some manner so as to not hinder proper client care. This applies to all students. Men's sideburns, mustaches, and/or beards must be clean and neatly trimmed at all times. Male students without beards must be clean shaven. Natural shades of hair color only.


The only visible jewelry allowed is wedding rings and one pair of stud earrings. Earrings may be worn in ear lobes only.


Each student must have a working watch with a second hand. Digital watches are acceptable if they have the capability of measuring seconds.


No visible tattoos or body piercing are allowed.


Students who smoke must be aware that many people are allergic to smoke and find the odor of cigarettes objectionable.  All health care facilities are non-smoking facilities.


Students must have the following items with them at all times while in clinical: stethoscope, permanent black ink pens, pen-light, bandage scissors and a small notebook.