Undeclared Major

What is an Undeclared Major?

Students who are not 100% certain about what academic area they want to pursue can designate themselves as an Undeclared Major. These students will be assigned to CTX's Academic Advising Coordinator as their Faculty Advisor. She will help students determine which CTX major they are best suited for.

When do I have to declare a major?

Upon completing 30-45 credit hours:

  • Students should have declared a major.

Upon completing 45-60 credit hours:

  • Students should have declared a concentration, specialization, or block within their major.

Waiting to declare a major until the junior year could significantly delay graduation.

Can I change my major?

Yes, students are welcome to change their majors (and concentrations, specializations, and blocks) at any time. However, depending on when students change their major and which new major they select, graduation could be delayed a semester or more.

If I am undeclared, how will I register for courses?

Undeclared majors are advised by the Academic Advising Coordinator. They register for classes just like declared majors do. It is possible to take courses that are required for all degrees for the first two semesters (maybe three). However, courses required for most majors need to be completed after 30-45 credit hours in order to graduate in four years. (Some majors have course requirements that start the very first year.)

What resources are available to me?

Undeclared majors are strongly encouraged to work closely with the Academic Advising Coordinator, who can guide them through resources made available in the Life and Leadership course required for all new CTX students. These resources will help students better understand their learning style, areas of interest, etc. CTX's Career Services Coordinator can administer and interpret various assessment tools that are designed to help students better understand how majors and careers relate to their personal strengths and talents.