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Art Courses Concordia University Texas

ART 1305 Introduction to Art History: Modern

This class is designed as a survey of the history of Western art from the Renaissance through contemporary times, with emphasis on major artists and works of art. It will also introduce some primary methodologies used to approach topics in art history. This course is taught with a European-American perspective, and includes painting, sculpture, architecture and other areas of visual inquiry. Class time will be divided between slide lectures, in-class discussions over the readings, and group presentations.

ART 1306 Drawing Media

As a general studio course, emphasis is placed on hands-on activities that promote visual literacy and the various conventions used in drawing. You will be given the opportunity to explore many of the traditional materials of drawing, including graphite, charcoal, cont, and ink, as well as experimental tools. In-class critiques and a weekly brief online journal emphasize active learning processes involving you in the basic rigor of a studio practice. Slide presentations on contemporary art history will augment studio exercises to facilitate a greater awareness of the cultural context in which drawing functions.

ART 1308 Photography
As an introductory hands-on course in digital photographic processes, you will learn the relationships between new imaging, color photographic techniques, and traditional 35mm film. Photographic shooting assignments, demonstrations, lectures and in-class critiques will address contemporary issues in art and digital photography. Prior photography knowledge/experience and prerequisites are not necessary.

ART 1315 Art Theory and Practice
A survey which includes study of art history, art criticism, aesthetics, and studio production, including study and use of all principles and elements of art in a variety of media, practicing critical evaluation of art production in progress; and development of knowledge and skills for personal growth. The course examines work by traditional, modern, and contemporary artists through videos, dialogue, readings and a gallery visit.

ART 2320 Ceramics
As a studio course, Art 2320 is designed as an introduction to creating ceramic artworks. You will be asked to explore hand building techniques, clay bodies, and glazes. Studio skills including clay making, wheel throwing, glaze formulation, kiln loading and firing will be introduced as methods to achieve functional and sculptural objects. Creative development will be accomplished through brainstorming and sketching on paper and in clay, working to foster an idea to bring to successful completion. Projects will include individual and group assignments within a supportive and constructive studio community. You will be exposed to historical and contemporary ceramic art to bring context to your own studio work. Group discussions will be held to look critically at your work both in progress and completed assignments. The goal of this class is to develop the creative, technical and critical skills necessary for a successful art practice in clay. Be prepared to get a little messy.

ART 3308 Color
This course offers an interdisciplinary model for studying the phenomenon of color. The meaning of color lies in the particular historical context in which it is experienced and interpreted. Beginning class assignments and presentations will explore color mixing techniques and practical uses of color by artists and designers. Through the eyes of psychologists and scientists, you will become fluent in the complex color codes with inhabit. Topics of study will also include viewing color through the lenses of biology, astronomy, neuroscience, culinary preferences, architecture, and marketing. This broadened study of color will provide you with the skills to recognize and apply custom chromatic strategies across disciplines including fine art, commercial design and culminating in a relational project.

ART 3312 Painting
This course will include instruction to develop the practice of basic painting issues, stressing a beginning command of the conventions of pictorial space and the language of color. Class assignments and individual projects explore technical, conceptual, and historical issues central to the language of painting. Working from life-objects and found-images, both through physical collage and digital composition, you will learn to use oil paint as a form of visual communication. Slide presentations will augment studio exercises to facilitate a greater awareness of the historical cultural context in which contemporary painting functions. Through routine in-class critiques (equivalent to exams), you will foster a voice and vocabulary with which to discuss your work and the work of others. You'll spend ample time in between classes to work on your paintings and research artists/images in relation to your work.

ART 4306 Art as Vocation
This course prepares you in professional concerns of aesthetics, studio practices, exhibitions, and working with/for art institutions. Particular emphasis will be placed on developing an audience, marketing art, planning programs/events, financial planning, writing proposals/grants, and art industry management. Required readings will explore the individual and communal disciplines of an artistic vocation with a Biblical, historical, theological, and contemporary perspective. Concurrently, you will prepare work for a group exhibition in consultation with both the class instructor and the Art Department faculty advisor. The courses ART 1305 Art History and ART 1315 Art Theory are prerequisites for this class.

ART 4312 Painting II

In this course you will continue to increase your skills in oil painting. You will have the opportunity to develop your ideas concerning genres of landscape, still life and the figure, while exploring and expanding your interests in abstraction, representation, collage and digital applications. Examples from past and contemporary painting practice will be presented and discussed. Particular emphasis will be placed upon the development of an expressive voice tempered by a critical awareness concerning processes and content. Readings and discussions will focus on contemporary cultural issues. The courses ART 3312 Painting and ART 33XX Color are prerequisites for this class.

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