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Understanding our policies ensures everyone's positive participation in our community music academy. All adult students and parents are encouraged to read this thoroughly.

Tuition Rates and Fees

Private Lessons - all instruments

  • 30 minutes - Fall/Spring - $560/semester ($35/lesson)
  • 45 minutes - Fall/Spring - $840/semester ($52.50/lesson)
  • 1 hour - Fall/Spring - $1120/semester ($70/lesson)


  • $10 processing fee per semester
  • $30 recital fee for each Fall/Spring semester

A 10% discount on tuition is available to employees of Concordia University Texas and their children.

COVID-19 Safety

Due to COVID-19, some CCMA lessons may only be offered online depending on university policy.

For those lessons that are offered on campus, the following safety precautions are in place:

  1. Students and teachers will self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms before coming to campus for their lesson.
  2. Students and teachers will wear masks.
  3. At least 6 ft. of physical distance will be maintained between students and teachers - 10 ft. of physical distance recommended.
  4. HEPA air purifier will be on at all times during the lesson.
  5. Lessons will occur in larger classroom areas to ensure more air circulation.

Visiting CCMA at Concordia Texas

In-person lessons and classes take place on the Concordia University Texas campus, nestled in the beautiful Balcones Canyonlands Preserve at Hwy 620 and Concordia University Drive.

All lessons take place on the second floor of the Arts & Innovation Building (Building B). Parents and students can find comfortable space to wait for lessons in the student lounge in the same building.


Visitor Parking Permits to CTX are available at no charge and will be emailed to participants once lessons have been scheduled. Visitors may park in any designated parking lots on campus except for handicapped spaces, fire lanes, and red zones.

The Visitor Parking Permit must be clearly legible and properly displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle at all times while on university property.

Faculty/Instructor Assignments & Scheduling

Faculty and instructors are assigned based on student and teacher availability. Our faculty and instructors are in demand, and there are not many open spots. To ensure we are able to accommodate both teacher and student availability and schedule preferences, please make sure to indicate all availability when registering.

CCMA reserves the right to alter posted Schedule of Classes, either by rescheduling or cancellation, because of low enrollment or changes in instructor availability.

Private Lesson Age Requirements

Age requirements are based on what our faculty feel is developmentally appropriate for the majority of students and only serve as a guide. Faculty may determine that lessons on a particular instrument are not developmentally appropriate even within these guidelines.

  • Piano: 5 years - Adult
  • Violin: 5 years - Adult
  • Cello: 7 years - Adult
  • Guitar: 7 years - Adult
  • Flute: 7 years - Adult
  • Organ: 12 years - Adult (previous keyboard experience preferred)
  • Voice: 12 years - Adult
  • Clarinet: 10 years - Adult
  • Trumpet: 10 years - Adult


Each faculty member will record attendance at the time of the student’s lesson, and students and families may verify their attendance record through the CCMA director or by checking our online portal.

All students must take appropriate measures to be on time to their lessons & classes, including arriving early, assembling their instrument ahead of time if appropriate, etc. All lessons will end on schedule regardless of arrival time.

Absences: Lessons

Individual lesson students must notify their instructors of an absence at least 24 hours in advance to be considered excused and eligible for a make-up lesson.

Two excused absences are eligible to be made up each semester. No make-up lessons will be scheduled if notice is given less than 24 hours and the student is not exempted from payment. Students may be unenrolled in CCMA with approval of the Director for excessive absences.

Absences: Classes

There are no excused absences or make-up for classes, and students are not exempted from payment for missed classes. Students may be unenrolled in CCMA with approval of the Director for excessive absences.


At the time of registration, registrants may choose to pay their CCMA tuition in full for that session, or divide into equal monthly automatic payments. Tuition is all inclusive: weekly lesson fees and recital fees (if applicable) are included. Summer sessions are paid in full at the time of registration.

Opt-Out/Withdrawal Policies

Students may opt-out of rolling their spot over into the next school year. Students will be notified of a 30-day opt-out window prior to opening Fall Registration. Families may choose to discontinue lessons at any time throughout the school year with 30 day-written notice. Families will continue to be charged for lessons during that time, and may choose to attend or not to attend lessons during that period.

Instrument Rentals & Equipment

Concordia Community Music Academy does not currently provide rental instruments, and students and/or parents are responsible for providing the necessary equipment for enrolled students. Students and parents acknowledge that fees for instrument rental, the cost of required sheet music and any other equipment deemed necessary by faculty for student success are separate and above the cost of CCMA program fees and tuition.

Home Practice

Students and parents are responsible for providing the necessary equipment and space for home practice to ensure success in CCMA programs. Parents should be prepared to diligently encourage practice at home.

Campus Use

CCMA shares space with Concordia University Texas, and CCMA Students and Parents must never inhibit University operations. Parents must provide adequate supervision within University buildings and on University grounds. If students are taking online lessons, they may opt to reserve one of the studios on the Concordia campus that is equipped with high quality microphones and streaming audio and video equipment.

Concordia University Texas Concealed Handgun Prohibition Notice: Pursuant to section 30.06, Penal Code (trespass by license holder with a concealed handgun), a person licensed under subchapter h, chapter 411, government code (handgun licensing law), may not enter this property with a concealed handgun.

Concordia University Texas is a smoke-free campus.

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