Private Music Lesson Guidelines

Lesson Requirements

  1. Registering for lessons:
    All students may register for private music lessons at the 1000 level through the normal academic registration process. Students may take lessons for 1 credit (30 minute lesson each week) or 2 credits (one hour lesson each week).
  2. Arranging lesson times:
    Each student must contact his/her corresponding instructor to set-up a weekly lesson time. Scheduling is done the first week of classes of each semester. Consult the class schedule for first class meeting. At this scheduled time, you will meet the instructor and sing-up for an individual weekly lesson time. Once you have signed-up for a lesson time, plan on attending at that time each week.
  3. Attendance:
    Students are expected to attend lessons each week unless advanced notice is given to the instructor. Students should arrive on time, warmed-up and with all necessary materials for the lesson. Attendance at studio classes may also be required.
  4. Grading:
    Each instructor will explain their grading criteria to you. Recital and concert attendance are a required part of all lesson grades.
  5. Preparedness:
    Students are expected to prepare their lesson material to the best of their ability. Daily practice is expected and required.
  6. Make-up Lessons:
    An instructor is not obligated to make-up an unexcused lesson. Make-up lessons will be given when the instructor has to miss a lesson.

Recital Attendance and Performances

As musicians we have the privilege of sharing our art with others through performance. It is our reward for the many weeks and months of dedicated individual practice, and it is an honor to share with an audience our sense of accomplishment in our musical endeavors.

All students studying privately will perform at a final recital at the end of the semester. This is the final exam.

In addition, students may have the opportunity to perform on student recitals and master classes. In support of our musical colleagues, students taking private lessons will be required to attend recitals and concerts on and off-campus. Students must sign-in at each on campus event and must turn in a program and ticket stub for approved off-campus music events. All students taking private lessons are also required to attend on-campus music faculty performances in which their teacher is performing.

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