Music Majors and Minors

Concordia offers several degree programs for musically talented students desiring an academic degree in music arts, and interested in a career and/or further graduate study in music.

Below are general descriptions of the degree programs.

Bachelor of Arts in Music

Degree requirements

The B.A. in Music is the primary musical degree granted by Concordia University Texas, and involves the most rigorous preparation for future career and graduate study, while maintaining the liberal arts core for a well-rounded and comprehensive curriculum. Students in this degree program will receive a comprehensive musical education, with a significant grounding in theory, history, conducting, performance, and other foundations of the discipline.

Students will also receive instruction from excellent music educators in their instrument of choice. Instruction by world-class faculty in performance will further their skills and knowledge of music on a variety of levels.

Students desiring a music major will need to declare one of the following specializations:

Music Performance

Music Theory and Composition

Music Ministry

In addition, students in the Music Ministry specialization may pursue the Director of Parish Music (DPM) certification, a Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod designation for students seeking to be rostered church workers within the LCMS.

A formal audition is required for admission to this degree program. Contact Dr. Patricia Burnham at or 512-313-5424 to set up an audition time.

Bachelor of Arts in Education, EC-12 All Level Music Specialization

Students in this program will take coursework both in Education and Music, and will be Texas certified upon graduation and successful completion of the necessary exams.

Interested students should contact the College of Education for degree requirements.

Music Minor

Degree requirements

Students with musical ability looking to add Music to their degree program, but do not have space to add a full major in music, may add a Music minor. The Music minor provides much of the same core classes as the major, and includes the same access to world-class performance faculty to hone your musical skills.

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