Cinema and Religion Film Series

About the Course

This film series is free and open to the community. Seating begins each Monday night at 6:30pm, followed by the screening at 7pm. The Cinema and Religion course is built around 12 specific themes repeatedly found in our cultures cinematic narratives. Each week, the class examines a different film specifically selected as an outstanding artifact of that theme.

To register for the free course and to reserve a seat at any or all of the screenings, contact . Community learners have no assignments or attendance requirements, and no college credit is awarded for the informal course.

Spring 2017

This spring, the film series takes place every Monday at 6:30pm, from Jan. 23 through April 10, at the Moviehouse Eatery in Austin. Dr. Jake Youmans will hold a short discussion about the hidden themes in that night's film after analyzing each movie.

Here is this semester's schedule:

Date Theme Film
2/20 Can one expect to live a full and meaningful life? "Birdman"
2/27 Can God's law be emancipating? "Dead Poets Society"
3/6 How patient is God's love? "Anna Karenina"
2/15 Is technology a goddess? "Her"
3/20 What is the Christian's place in the world? "Blue Like Jazz"
3/27 How does one pay the wages of sin? "Se7ven"
4/3 Why does the creation rebel against the creator? "Ex-Machina"
4/10 Who protects you from evil? "Guardians of the Galaxy"