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The B.A. in Political Science from Concordia University Texas will prepare graduates to be professionally literate in the fields of law, politics, research, leadership, and analytical reasoning. In this degree, there are 44 hours of required coursework which includes political science, economics, and behavioral sciences courses, a thesis, scientific methods, and at least three semesters of practicum and/or service experience.

Degree Mission Statement: Consistent with the aims of Concordia University Texas, the aim of the political science major is to develop students into Christian leaders in the communities in which they serve. In addition to this primary objective, the program's aims are listed below.

The aims and mission of the proposed program is as follows:

(1) provide graduates with the mastery and literacy required for professional political, academic, and/or legal practitioners,

(2) significantly enhance students awareness of global, national, and local challenges, and

(3) foster a basis of Christian ethics, leadership, and empathy to accompany students roles as engaged and active citizens.

Four Competency Approach: This degree has four main competency areas that will be satisfied as the student matriculates through the degree program. The four competency areas are:

  • political processes (p),
  • analytical thinking and social empathy (a),
  • leadership and political craft (l),
  • and research and writing (r).

The letters following each course title indicate which competency is addressed.

Careers in Political Science: Political Science majors are prized in the job market due to their diverse competency in writing, research, analysis, and inter-personal interactions. Political Science majors often become lawyers, legislative staff members, agency heads, teachers, social scientists, politicians, and lobbyists. Many influential people, including U.S. Presidents, world renowned activists, and globally recognized leaders, have earned degrees in Political Science.

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