Political Science


The main objectives of this program are to:

  • provide the mastery and literacy required for professional political, academic, and/or legal practitioners
  • significantly enhance students' awareness of global, national, and local challenges
  • foster a basis of Christian ethics, leadership, and empathy to accompany students' roles as engaged and active citizens

A Degree Unlike Any Other in the State of Texas

The uniqueness of our degree is not simply based on a desire to make something new or different. Rather, it is based on stakeholder and scholarly feedback about what it means to study politics in the 21st century.

An additional aspect of Concordia's mission to "develop Christian leaders" did much to inform the foundations of the degree. While many of those who were consulted (especially those in academia) thought a more traditional and consistent approach was appropriate, others thought that the traditional approach was developed for another time and students from the past. Contending that we live in an age where facts, data, and complex concepts can be revealed at the touch of a button, they challenged us to expand beyond the traditional constraints of just focusing on processes and light research.

This is why our program is unique:

  • A commitment to developing the student both in and out of the classroom. The degree program centers around a four-competency approach: political processes, research writing, critical thinking social empathy, and leadership political craft.
  • A commitment to learning through experience. Students will have many opportunities to get involved in hands-on and group experiences where they can learn through service, competitions, travel, and political activities.
  • Less emphasis on political processes and more emphasis on student development. Today's students can access more information on their phone than a large library would have contained 20 years ago. With this in mind, the political science program focuses on teaching students how to find and manage information, not just memorize and recall it.
  • Rigorous curriculum. Concordia's Political Science degree is not for everyone. Students are required to:
    • complete a number of activities outside the classroom,
    • read and analyze considerable amounts of texts, data, and information, and
    • successfully propose, research, and defend a thesis.
  • A commitment to relevance and utility. Students are taught concepts that are fundamental to the discipline with an assurance that the information has value and can apply to real-world issues.
  • A commitment to developing Christian leaders. In pursuit of Concordia's mission, the program seeks to help students navigate a secular world while retaining their Christian ideals and worldview.


Our Political Science program puts a high premium on experiential learning, including internships. We feel that there are limits to what can be learned in the classroom alone. Therefore, we encourage our students to get out in the community to learn while actually doing things. This not only gives the students a practical knowledge-base in the discipline - it also allows the opportunity to network with professionals in the field.

There are a variety of internship opportunities in the program that are tailored to fit the student's career aspirations.

Learning Environment

This is an intentionally small program that emphasizes personal relationships, community, and a personally-tailored educational experience.

All of our classes are highly discussion-based. They emphasize critical thought, advanced problem-solving, and real-world application. Professors not only know the names and basic information about their students, but they frequently learn each student's aspirations, limitations, and backgrounds.

Program Sheet


  • Dr. Brent Burgess teaches American Government Citizenship, Introduction to Law, Political Science Leadership Capstone, and Public Policy. He also teaches the CTX moot court team.
  • Dr. Carl Trovall is Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. He teaches Political Philosophy.


Our Mission is Developing Christian Leaders