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One of the biggest benefits of attending a University like Concordia University Texas is that you get to know your professors on a deep level. Throughout your time here, you will see that your professors are there to mentor you, help you grow, empower you to follow your passions, teach you their discipline and life lessons, and learn from you. Here are two of the professors you will have while you are here!


Nickles Chittester, Ph.D. | Director, Psychology major | Director, Academic Track | Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. Nickles "Dr. Nick" Chittester is a charismatic professor with an incredible passion for teaching his discipline. He found his love of teaching in graduate school while teaching an introductory psychology course, and enjoyed it so much he sought out part-time college teaching opportunities while finishing his Ph.D.

He originally decided to study psychology because he enjoyed the classes and wanted to understand "why people do the things they do." Through this study he found a greater appreciation for why people think what they think, and why people do what they do. As an avid sports fan and with encouragement from faculty advisors, he pursued studying a sub-field in Sport and Exercise Psychology.

College can be stressful with school work, holding a job, managing a social life, and sleeping somewhere in between; for Dr. Nick it was no different. As an undergrad, he worked at a drug store, similar to CVS or Walgreens, and at the University library, which he enjoyed. As a graduate student, he saw it as a full-time job in its own right. Although a busy time, he saw it as a rewarding experience with more freedom than he had as an undergrad, but challenging because he had to self-regulate more.

While balancing his work-school-social life, he found that keeping a degree plan checklist was extremely beneficial to him. In addition, he saw the importance of collaboration with peers and paying close attention in every class he took. Being surrounded by like-minded peers who have similar interests kept him interested, motivated, and encouraged him throughout his academic career.

One of Dr. Nick's strengths is his ability to connect with students and encourage them in their passions. Teaching at Concordia has given him the ability to get to know students better due to the smaller environment. He had the opportunity to attend a branch campus of a large university as an undergraduate and large universities for his graduate school where virtually all of his professors were full-time faculty.

In successful students he sees qualities such as responsibility, perseverance, initiative, and them knowing that things worth having are worth working hard and sacrificing for. Being a successful student requires more than the minimum and is not always easy. During his master's degree program, Dr. Nick had to cope with the loss of his academic advisor. Through further mentorship from other faculty members, he was able to push through that difficult experience and succeed.

When asked what motivates him he answered in one word: service. Being able to share psychology and life experiences with others pushes him to learn more and connect with others. As a professor who embraces collaboration, he enjoys exchanging ideas and seeks to understand different ways of thinking.

Concordia University Texas is honored to have a professor who cares deeply about students, their opinions, their callings, and their success. Take time to get to know him during your time here at CTX!


Marchelle Scarnier, Ph.D. | Director, Professional Track | Associate Professor of Psychology


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