Career Choices in Biology


Though some schools have a minimum number of hours, such as 90 credits, it is unusual to get into medical school without a B.A. or B.S. degree. The MCAT, or medical college admission test, is required as well and is usually taken at the end of the junior year or the beginning of the senior year. Below is a link to Texas medical schools and to the MCAT testing site.


Nursing can be done on many levels, and even a doctorate is available. Concordia now offers a Bachelors Degree in nursing, and those interested in that degree should click NURSING to go to the nursing information site. The Texas Nursing Association web page, linked below, does a great job of describing what all the requirements are for different types of nursing and linking available programs and their requirements!


Pharmacy schools, like medical schools,have a minimum number of hours you must complete before applying, such as 90 credits. Also like medical schools, it is unusual to get in without a B.A. or B.S. degree. The PCAT, or pharmacy college admission test, is required by most of the schools and is usually taken at the end of the junior year or the beginning of the senior year. Below is a link to a pharmacy school search engine and to the PCAT testing site.

Physical therapist

Physical therapy can be done at the Masters or Doctorate level, with many schools moving towards only offering a Doctorate degree. Requirements vary in order get accepted into a basic PT program, but usually require a minimum of two years of study at the bachelor's level with an emphasis on anatomy, cell biology, chemistry, and physics. There is a preference towards applicants with a BA or BS degree. Below is a web link that connects to Texas PT programs, so that you can check an individual schools requirements. Many of them also require the GRE, or graduate record examination, and the link to that web site may be found under the physicians assistant heading.

Physicians assistant (PA)

Becoming a PA requires a Master's degree, taking 2 to 3 years of additional study. Like medical school and pharmacy school, a bachelors degree is not required but it is very difficult to get into a program without one. The physician assistant is an important member of today's medical teams, and they can do many of the tasks a medical doctor does, freeing up the physician to attend to the most complicated cases. See below for a link to the Texas Academy of Physicians Assistants, which links to Texas PA schools, and for the GRE exam which is required by many of the schools.

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