Doctor of Education (EdD)

General Information

In Concordia’s fully online EdD program, students typically take three classes per semester.  The primary exception to this is in the third year of the program when students take two classes, Dissertation and Practicum, in the first two semesters and only the Dissertation in the final semester.  Following this plan, students can complete the entire program in three years.

All students enrolled in the Concordia EdD program will take 24 credit hours of “core courses.” After completion of the core courses, students will sit for the Comprehensive Exam. Upon receiving a passing score on this exam, students will formally be entered into Candidacy for the EdD degree in one of two possible specializations, both consisting of 37 credit hours.

The first possible specialization will be Educational Administration. This specialty will emphasize leadership at the district/central office level. During pursuit of this specialty, students will also become eligible to sit for the Texas Superintendent Exam.

The other specialty is in the area of Curriculum & Instruction. This specialty will also emphasize leadership abilities, but will focus more on leadership in curriculum and strategies for teaching mastery.

Admissions Deadlines

Fall 2019 Application Deadline: July 26, 2019

Fall 2019 Acceptance Confirmation Deadline: August 2, 2019

Admissions Requirements
  1. Completion of the online application
  2. Master's Degree from an accredited university with a graduate GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  3. Combined 5 years of credited teaching experience and/or administrative/leadership experience (mid-management or principal certification for those seeking superintendent certification); leadership experience should be starred if not obvious
  4. Employer Support Form (pdf) or a letter from applicant's employer indicating support for the candidate's pursuit of the Ed. D., willingness to allow candidate to conduct field work in the organization (if a school district), and flexibility in work schedule such that candidate can attend class and conduct approved field work. 
  5. Letters of Reference (LOR) - 3 LOR are required from professional sources, to include:
    1. Present supervisor,
    2. Academic/ Professor,
    3. Co-worker/ Professional peer
  6. Official Transcripts - from accredited master degree conferring institution
  7. Resume or CV - should summarize educational and professional career. Applicant should be able to explain any gaps in service
  8. Letter of Intent- should introduce the applicant to the review committee and answer the question, " Given the mission of Concordia, 'to develop Christian leaders,' what can this program do for me?" The letter should be two typed pages, double-spaced
  9. Sample of Scholarly Writing - may be research from graduate school, published article, paper that demonstrates ability to conduct cited scholarly research in APA style
  10. For Superintendent Certification Only - Copy of Service Record and Social Security number
  11. Evidence of English language fluency (if applicable)
  12. Although no formal testing is required for entry, scores from recent (5 years or less) Graduate Record Exam (GRE) will be accepted and may be used if space is limited

Space in the program will be limited, so the quality of items submitted will certainly be taken into account. Various point values may be assigned to the above items in cases where there are more qualified applicants than program space. In all cases, Concordia will select students who present the most competitive applications and who we consider most likely to be successful, contributing members of the Concordia community and to graduate.

NOTE: Only fully complete admissions packets will be forwarded to the EdD Review Committee. Applications with incomplete materials will be held until all materials are received.

Program Costs

Tuition for the Fall 2019 EdD cohort is $760 per credit hour. This will be a fixed rate for the three year duration of the program. In addition, there will be an approximate fee of $1,800 to cover the costs of field supervision and the dissertation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions about the Doctor of Education program, please review our EdD FAQs.

Doctor of Education Program FAQ

Application for Admission

The online application is available for you to apply to the program. You will be able to save your progress as you add the required files and information needed for acceptance.

Please review the requirements before starting your application.

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