Master of Business Administration Admission

Earn a Quality, Affordable MBA at Concordia

The Concordia University Texas Master of Business Administration (MBA) transforms students into knowledgeable leaders in their industry, community and family.

MBA Program Benefits

  • Faith and values-based instruction
  • Flexible classes that meet one night per week on campus or online
  • Develops your leadership skills, enabling you to make a positive difference in the workplace and beyond
  • Ease of entry to quality program (no GRE/GMAT required, transfer up to six credits)
  • Provides you with specific skills in statistics, finance, economics, marketing and business strategy
  • Instructors with industry experience
  • Affordable (locked-in tuition, financial aid available, Tornado Textbooks program)
  • Cohort learning community to spark the collective development of courageous leadership
  • Integrates coursework with real-world applications
  • Abundant networking opportunities

The Concordia MBA offers two optional concentrations:

  • Healthcare Administration
  • Organizational Leadership & Development

The general MBA takes 20 months (five semesters) to complete. Adding a concentration to the MBA extends the program by one semester, taking 24 months (six semesters) to complete.

Modality: On campus or online

Time to Completion: General MBA - 20 months (five semesters)
MBA with Concentration - 2 years (six semesters)

Curriculum & Format: MBA Curriculum and Format

MBA Info Sessions

Interested in the Concordia MBA program? RSVP for an info session!

Admissions Deadlines

Candidates for the MBA should submit a complete application package by the final deadline. Candidates who complete the application package will receive an admissions decision within two weeks of the deadline date.

Fall 2021 Application Deadline: Please contact Markell Irvin.

Fall 2021 Acceptance Confirmation Deadline: Please contact Markell Irvin.

Admission Requirements

Concordia selects students who present the most competitive applications and who we consider most likely to be successful, contributing members of the Concordia community who will graduate. To reach admission decisions, Concordia evaluates all candidates in a comprehensive way using this criteria.

We encourage applicants with diverse undergraduate degrees and work experience. You will receive notification of your admission decision within 10 business days once Concordia has received all required application documents.


  1. Complete application
  1. A minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA (on a 4.0 scale) from the undergraduate degree-granting institution or a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA (on a 4.0 scale) from the master's degree-granting institution if the applicant has a master's degree

Applicants with graduate-level coursework must submit graduate transcripts showing all graduate-level coursework attempted.*

Applicants to the MBA program who have a GPA lower than 2.75 are also required to submit a personal essay along with the other application materials.

  1. A one-to-two-page summary of your professional work experience using the MBA Professional Work Experience Guidelines (PDF) (Example (PDF))

A professional resume should include positions held in reverse chronological date order, with the latest or current position held listed first. Professional work experience refers to three to five years of experience working for organizations within a chosen profession(s) based on qualifications. Candidates with less than three to five years of professional work experience must show significant leadership roles in college, internships or community volunteerism in both the professional work history and the essay.

  1. When deemed necessary, additional information, including an interview, may be required.

*Applicants must have transcripts sent to Concordia directly from the institution of record on or before orientation. A student-delivered transcript will not be accepted as an official transcript unless it is received in the original sealed envelope and appropriately stamped by the institution of record as "Issued to Student in a Sealed Envelope."


Prerequisite knowledge includes an understanding and basic skills in the areas of accounting, finance, economics, marketing, management and business law. If you do not have a strong undergraduate background in business, please don't let that stop you from applying.

Candidates who are non-business undergraduate majors or choose to apply to the program with a GPA below the minimum 2.75 are required to submit assessment scores in math/statistics as part of the application package.

The Concordia MBA Graduate Admissions Committee strives to help incoming MBA students achieve success in a rigorous graduate program. Because background knowledge in quantitative courses is critical to this success, the committee makes requirements and/or recommendations regarding prerequisite (sometimes called “leveling”) courses that expose students to key concepts and terminology before they begin an MBA class. The prerequisite courses are online, self-paced and do not count toward degree hours.

All non-business undergraduate students are required to successfully complete the math/statistics prerequisite course unless an official undergraduate transcript has been provided to the admissions office, showing that a statistics class has already been completed with a letter grade of B or higher, and with approval of the MBA program director. Other prerequisite courses (accounting, finance and economics) may also be required if no undergraduate coursework in these areas has been done previously or were completed more than 10 years ago.

Students should submit their completion certificate and report their score(s) of 75% or higher to  

Contingently accepted students who are required to complete prerequisite courses prior to full admittance should purchase and complete the online self-paced courses and submit their completion certificate(s) with final assessment scores to be fully admitted to the program. Incomplete prerequisite courses or scores below 75% can result in program dismissal. Students have two attempts to complete each course.

  • Each course provides about four to six hours of instructional content and may require 15 to 20 hours from the course start to final assessment.
  • Each course starts with a 20‐question pre‐test that must be completed prior to starting the instructional material.
  • The instructional content contains multiple sections.
  • All sections conclude with a set of interactive questions as a review of the content covered within the sections.
  • Courses then conclude with a twenty‐question post‐test. The post‐test does offer a retake option, but only the most recent score is recorded.
  • The cost for each course is $35.

To Order Prerequisite Course Modules:

  1. Go to the student registration link:
    • Student Registration Password: CTX-1001
    • Student ID: Also known as a Banner number (B00XXXXXX), included in the email that the IT department sent for you to access your Concordia email account
  2. Purchase the course(s) required by the graduate admissions committee for your full admittance to the program. They are listed as the following:
    • Foundations of Quantitative Research Techniques and Statistics
    • Foundations of Business Finance
    • Foundations of Microeconomics
    • Foundations of Accounting
  3. Complete the course(s) and corresponding final assessment(s).
  4. Upon completion of a post‐test, you will be provided with an exam summary. The exam summary provides your total score as well as the subject scores. You will also have an opportunity to download your completion certificate. If your score is below 75%, you have the option to retake* a post-test.
  5. Download and submit your completion certificate(s) as an email attachment, and send the email to

*Please note that there is one retake option. If you decide to utilize the retake option, your original score is not retrievable. Make sure to print out a completion certificate after each post-test. 

Helpful Resources:

Conditional Admission

Students who are conditionally admitted to the program because of a non-business undergraduate major or a GPA below the minimum 2.75 are required to complete a prerequisite module in math/statistics and a post-assessment with a passing score of 70% or higher within six weeks from the start of class.

Application Process

The admissions process begins with submitting an application to the Office of Admissions. Decisions regarding acceptance are made at completion of the application file. All applicants will be considered on an individual basis.

International Students: View the International MBA Admission requirements.

The following process is for U.S. citizens:

1. Online Application and Application Fee

Complete the online application and pay the $50 non-refundable application fee. On your application, please use your legal name and fill in any maiden names.

If you have a promo code, do not enter your credit card information.

2. Transcripts

Submit official transcripts from the college or university where you earned your bachelor's and/or master's degree any any graduate coursework attempted.

The Office of Admissions requires that you have the official transcript from your degree-granting institution sent directly to the University (see official address below). Please request your transcript immediately, as it may take up to six weeks for transcripts to arrive in our office.

If any transcripts are from a foreign institution, an official WES Foreign Education Credential Service evaluation must be completed and sent to the Office of Admissions. For more information please visit the WES websites. Please note: This process could take several weeks.

Graduate students with an undergraduate degree from a foreign institution seeking admission must demonstrate English proficiency.

You have three ways to get your transcripts to Concordia:

1. Student Delivered
A student-delivered transcript will be accepted as an official transcript only if it is received in the original sealed envelope and stamped by the institution of records as "Issued to Student in a Sealed Envelope."

2. Electronically
National Transcript Center

3. Mailed
All mailed transcripts should go to:

Concordia University Texas
Office of Admissions Processing
11400 Concordia University Drive
Austin, TX 78726

3. Professional Work Experience

Submit your professional work experience summary. It is highly recommended that candidates for the MBA program follow the guidelines below.

Review the MBA Graduate Admissions Committee Evaluation Rubric (PDF) for the criteria on which your MBA application package will be evaluated.

4. Additional Materials

Additional materials are required if you:

5. Apply for Financial Aid

Complete the online federal application at for the school year. The Concordia University Texas school code is 003557.

For those eligible, financial aid is available in the form of unsubsidized loans.

6. Payment Options

The Concordia MBA features locked-in tuition, meaning that you will pay the same rate of tuition throughout the entire program.

Where to send all admissions documents:

Office of Admissions Processing
Concordia University Texas
11400 Concordia University Drive
Austin, TX 78726

FAX: 512-313-4639


Program Costs

The high-quality Concordia MBA was ranked as the most-affordable MBA program in Austin, Texas (IPEDS 2018). The locked-in tuition rate, Tornado Textbooks program and financial aid options ensure you will receive a strong ROI.

View Program Costs

2020-21 Program Costs

Tuition for the on-campus MBA program is locked in at $760 per credit hour for students starting in Fall 2020, Spring 2021 and Summer 2021.

Tuition for the online MBA program is locked in at $660 per credit hour for students starting in Fall 2020, Spring 2021 and Summer 2021.

Classes are between one and four credit hours each, and the entire MBA degree plan is 30 credit hours without a concentration or 36 credit hours with a concentration.

There are other costs associated with the MBA program include the following:

  • A one-time Capstone Fee of $300
  • A per-semester General Services Fee of $150
  • A per-semester Professional Development Fee of $50
  • A per-credit-hour Textbook Fee of $25 ($150 per semester)
 Total Cost (estimated at 30 credit hours)*



On-Campus MBA



Online MBA



*These are estimated costs and are dependent upon your course schedule and financial aid. If you pursue a concentration in addition to the standard MBA program, you will have an additional 6 credit hours of coursework and costs.

Please contact a graduate admissions counselor for more information.

Financial Aid Opportunities

Please visit our Financial Aid page to learn about payment options, deadlines, FAFSA and how to get help paying for your education.

For those eligible, financial aid is available in the form of unsubsidized loans.

If you have any questions, please contact your admissions counselor.

Payment Types

Concordia accepts three methods of payment:

  • Online through your MyInfo account
  • Check or money order sent by mail to: Concordia University Texas, Attn: Student Accounts, 11400 Concordia University Dr., Austin, TX 78726
  • Cash, check, credit or debit card at the Student Central office, which is located on campus at C-256 in Cedel Hall

Payment plans are available and can be set up through your MyInfo account.

If you have any questions, please contact your admissions counselor.

Service Members Information

Concordia University Texas is grateful, proud and supportive of those who have or continue to serve through the military.

For those looking to start or continue their education, we have a variety of options to assist. CTX is a Yellow-Ribbon Institution and accepts most VA-funded students, including Montgomery and Post 9/11. Note that the Hazelwood Act is only valid for public institutions.

View Service Members Information

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is tuition?
See Program Costs above.

Are financial aid, scholarships or discounts available?
Student loans are available through FAFSA for those who qualify (eligibility is not income based). Graduate students are encouraged to research available scholarships and/or tuition assistance and reimbursement programs through their employers. See Program Costs above for more information on financial aid.

When and where do classes meet?
Cohort classes meet one night per week from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at the main campus in Northwest Austin (RM 620 near RM 2222). The night of the week does not change for the entire duration of the program.

Students who are not able to commit to attending campus sessions once a week may opt for our fully online program.

We launched a Tuesday evening cohort in Fall 2019 that meets at the UFCU Event Center at 8303 N MoPac Expressway.

How long does it take to complete the MBA program?
The 30-credit-hour program is typically completed over a total of five semesters that occur year-round, completing 6 credit hours per semester. A concentration adds another semester of work (6 credit hours) to the degree plan.

Who are the faculty?
Courses are taught by full-time and part-time faculty who are highly qualified experts in their respective fields. Concordia MBA students benefit from being taught by instructors who have in-depth scholarly expertise and real-world business experience. A full list of faculty and staff can be found online: Faculty Directory.

How big will my classes be?
MBA cohorts are 15-25 students who remain in classes together throughout the duration of the program. This small class size provides an opportunity for peer support and the development of strong networking relationships among students and faculty.

What are the program requirements for admission?

  • A bachelor's degree from a regionally-accredited university
  • A resume highlighting leadership experience
  • Proof of English proficiency may be required for non-citizens, permanent residents, Green Card holders and foreign-born applicants who earned degrees outside of the United States (U.S.)

I did not major in business. Can I still be accepted into the MBA program?
Yes. All undergraduate majors can be accepted into the MBA program. Non-business undergraduates and low-GPA business majors may be required to take up to four online leveling courses (accounting, economics, statistics and/or finance).

This is contingent upon undergraduate transcript evaluation. Leveling courses take approximately 15-20 total hours each and cost $35 per course. You do not receive credit for leveling courses.

What if I get a low score or do not pass an Peregrine leveling course?
A score of 70% or higher is required. A prerequisite course can be repeated once if a score is below 70%. Successful completion is critical to success in the classroom, especially for non-business undergraduate majors. Contact the graduate admissions team ( for more information.

How do I obtain and report my Peregrine leveling score? Who do I report it to, and is there a deadline?
Upon completion of the leveling course (online and self-paced), the software provides an opportunity to save scores, which can be emailed to CTX.

The Math/Statistics leveling score should be reported to your MBA admissions counselor prior to the MBA orientation. Scores for Accounting, Finance and Economics should be reported to the student academic planner prior to the start of the corresponding class. For example, the accounting leveling score should be reported prior to the start of the MBA Financial Accounting & Management class. The courses are non-credit, completed online and $35 each.

I am having technical issues with the Peregrine leveling software.
If you are experiencing technical issues with the Peregrine modules, please contact the Peregrine Software customer support:

I already have a resume. Do I need to rewrite it before submitting it?
Concordia requires a specific resume format. Find additional information about the requirements here: Resume Guidelines (pdf).

What if I don't have professional work experience, and why is that a requirement?
The Concordia MBA is designed for working professionals who have experience that can be shared and utilized in the classroom. Projects and assignments often require students to draw from their experience to facilitate personal, academic and professional growth.

In cases where a student has no professional work experience, the admitting committee will require outstanding examples of leadership and school/civic involvement reflected in a resume.

What if my GPA is below 2.75?
Applicants with an undergraduate GPA below 2.75 are required to submit an essay. This requirement assists the admissions committee in understanding applicants as a whole person, not just a transcript or a professional resume. The essay should address the reasons for a low GPA and establish a game plan for success in the MBA program.

Do I need to take the GMAT, GRE or other entrance exams?
No entrance exams, including the GMAT and GRE, are required for admission.

Do I need to take the TOEFL or IELTS exams to prove English proficiency?

If any of the following conditions apply, an applicant is required to provide a passing score of either the TOEFL or IELTS:

  • Non-U.S. citizen
  • Born outside the U.S. in a country that does not use English as the primary language (see English Proficiency Policy for full list of exempted countries)
  • U.S. permanent resident and/or Green Card holder
  • Foreign-born person who completed a degree(s) outside the U.S.
  • Any person who has learned English as a second language

A minimum TOEFL-Internet-Based (IBT) cumulative score of 80 and a minimum score of 26 on the speaking section is required. The Pearson Language Test may be used as an alternative to the TOEFL and requires a minimum score of 64. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is another alternative and requires a minimum score of 6.5.

Official scores must be submitted to the Office of Admissions no later than the application deadline. Please direct specific questions to your admissions counselor.

If I attended more than one school for my undergraduate degree, do I need to send all of those transcripts to Concordia?
Applicants are required to submit an official transcript only from the degree-granting institution. However, if additional coursework was taken that may be relevant to the MBA program and/or beneficial for the admission process, additional transcripts can be accepted to aid in the admission decision.

If graduate-level coursework has been completed, those transcripts should be shared with Concordia and may be used towards transfer credit.

What is an official transcript?
An official transcript is a certified statement of a student’s academic record. To be official, the transcript must bear the embossed or raised college seal, date, registrar's signature and be received by Concordia in a sealed envelope stamped by the institution of record as "Issued to Student in a Sealed Envelope. This can be hand-delivered or mailed to Concordia as long as it remains UNOPENED in its original sealed envelope.

A transcript sent electronically to Concordia directly by a school registrar's office is also considered official. The transcript must also contain the official date of degree completion.

Where do I send my transcripts?
See Application Process > Transcripts above.

Can I apply to the MBA program before I have completed my bachelor's degree?
Yes. However, acceptance is limited to contingent. This means that the bachelor's degree must be conferred prior to the start of MBA classes. Applicants may be asked to submit a letter from their undergraduate school stating an anticipated completion date.

Are there choices for an MBA concentration?
Yes. Concordia offers two concentration tracks for the MBA program that are optional: Healthcare Administration (HCA) and Organizational Development & Learning (ODL).

There are four concentration-specific classes added to the degree plan, extending the MBA program to 36 credit hours from the traditional 30 credit hours. After the first 24 credit hours of the MBA are completed, students may complete their concentration via online delivery.

Can I transfer graduate-level credits into the program from another school?
Up to six total graduate-level credits may be accepted from another regionally accredited university. Credits are reviewed for approval by the MBA program director.

Can I complete my MBA at Concordia in less than two years?
Yes! The general Concordia MBA is a full-time program that is completed in 20 months (five semesters).

What if I need to take a break from classes and continue later?
Completing the MBA program without breaks maximizes the benefit of the cohort model. However, if taking a semester or two off is unavoidable, a student can rejoin the program with a new cohort.

If a student is gone for more than 3 consecutive semesters, the student must reapply for admission. Please note that departing from the program for any length of time voids locked tuition, and a student becomes subject to increases if they occur.

How long does it take to get an admissions decision after I complete the application process?
Once a complete application has been submitted and all required documentation is received, an official admission decision is sent within fifteen business days via official University email. International applications and low-GPA applications may require more processing time.

The MBA admissions review committee makes every effort to process admission decisions in a timely manner.

What if I must miss a class?
Due to the accelerated nature of this program, attendance is critical. If you have an unavoidable conflict or illness, inform the professor as soon as possible. Another option is to have a fellow cohort member FaceTime or Skype you into the session.

Is tutoring available?
Yes. At the Writing Center on the main campus, students can receive writing assistance with papers and projects at no cost. CTX students are also eligible for free, one-to-one tutoring through, 24/7. Peer tutoring is encouraged. Students may also consult with instructors for help outside the classroom.

How do I get my grades and other student account information?
Concordia University Texas provides convenient, secure and up-to-date communication through MyInfo. Grades, schedules, account and financial information, etc., is communicated through this portal.

Instructors and students also utilize Blackboard Learn for class assignments, group discussions and more.

How do I get my textbooks, and how much do they cost?
The average cost of textbooks is $250 - $500 per semester. Students are automatically enrolled in our Tornado Textbook rental program, which costs $25 per credit hour, for a total of $150 per semester.

You do have the option to opt out of the program. Note: Students who opt out of the program or purchase books through other sources should check with professors first to make sure the correct edition is selected.

Is the MBA program offered online, and is it the same as the on-ground program?
Yes. Concordia University works to ensure that the online program replicates the on-ground program as much as possible. Often, teachers and assignments are the same, while the course sequence is slightly different.

The online degree is fully accredited, just like the traditional on-ground program. The biggest difference is that online students do not come to class on a weekly basis and must be comfortable interacting primarily online.

Can I take just one or two MBA classes and transfer the credits to another school?
Yes. With MBA program director approval, an applicant can be admitted into the MBA program to take one to two classes intended for transfer to another school. However, it is the student's full responsibility to ensure transfer credits are accepted at the other institution.

Can I retake an MBA class if I get a low or failing grade?
Students may repeat a course only once.

Are there career or job placement services available through Concordia?
Concordia's Center for Vocation Professional Development offers students a full range of career services, including career development and job search support.

Can I switch from the online MBA to on-ground or vice versa?
Because the online and on-ground programs are not sequentially identical, switching between the two is not recommended. Additionally, both programs are built based on cohort enrollment, which directly impacts staffing, resources, meeting space and budget. Students are discouraged from switching, but if unavoidable circumstances occur, such as a job relocation, the program director can approve a program change.

Can tuition increase while I am enrolled?
For the Concordia MBA, tuition is locked at the time of enrollment and remains the same for the duration of the program.

What is the MBA Capstone?
The Capstone is the final culmination project in the general MBA program and is completed during the final semester. The Capstone utilizes independent and group research to address a real-world question, problem or challenge.

Using newly acquired business skills, students partner with a business or organization to produce a substantial project and paper that reflects a deep understanding of a topic. Capstone findings are presented formally to the business partners, Concordia faculty and staff, peers, alumni, community leaders and others.

Students who choose to take a concentration do not participate in the Capstone.

I've been accepted into the MBA program. What do I do next?
After you have received an official admission acceptance via email, you need to click on the "next steps" link in the email and do two things: 1. Confirm your acceptance and 2. RSVP for orientation.

How do I confirm my acceptance so that I can be registered for classes?
Please visit the MBA Next Steps Page found in your acceptance email, and find the link to confirm your acceptance. A direct link is also in your acceptance email.

Your counselor and academic planner will register you for classes after you confirm your acceptance. Note: Students who do not confirm their acceptance will not be registered for classes.

Where are my classes?
The Concordia MBA is offered in Austin at the main campus:

11400 Concordia University Dr. Austin, TX 78726

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Application for Admission

The online application is available for you to apply to the program. You will be able to save your progress as you add the required files and information needed for acceptance.

Please review the requirements before starting your application.

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