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MBA Curriculum and Format

The Concordia MBA program provides students with specific skills in accounting, finance, economics, marketing and business strategy while allowing them to hone leadership skills so that they can make a positive difference in the workplace and beyond.

  • Curriculum

    The Concordia MBA Core Curriculum consists of 30 credit hours of coursework with a focus on Entrepreneurship & Innovation:


    • Critical Thinking (3)*
    • Statistics for Management (2)
    • Leadership Self (1)


    • Managerial Economics (2)
    • Marketing Management (2)
    • Financial Accounting & Management (2)


    • Org. Ethics, Behavior & Change (2)
    • Leadership Others (1)
    • Corporate Finance & Investments (3)


    • Business Society & Public Policy (2)
    • Leadership Community (2)
    • Managing Ops & Technology (2)


    • Capstone (4)
    • Entrepreneurship & Innovation (2)

    * Credit hours are indicated in parentheses.

    Two optional concentrations are offered in the MBA program: Health Care Administration (HCA) and Organizational Development and Learning (ODL). These concentrations add 6 credit hours to the timeline of the MBA, requiring 36 total credit hours of coursework. The concentration classes below replace your Semester 5 courses and add an additional semester to your degree plan.



    • Healthcare Strategic Planning (3)*
    • Policy Trends for Healthcare Managers (3)


    • Ethical & Legal Issues in Healthcare (3)
    • Quality Methods for Healthcare Performance (3)



    • Organizational Culture & Power (3)*
    • Principles of Corporate Training & Learning (3)


    • Talent Management (3)
    • Organizational Processes in Coaching & Consulting (3)

    * Credit hours are indicated in parentheses.

  • Time Commitment

    With the on-campus program, you'll attend class one evening per week for four hours. The evening is divided into two parts, with the first class meeting from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and the second from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. each week. The Concordia MBA is designed in a streamlined format in order to allow you to complete the program in five semesters. Expect intense, learning-filled evenings!

    The online program offers a flexible eight-week session model with weekly deadlines.

    You should expect to spend 12 to 18 hours each week attending sessions, watching lectures, studying, preparing assignments and collaborating with your learning team.

    Preparation includes reading, online coursework, learning team participation, projects and case study analysis.

    The on-campus program includes scheduled breaks in between most semesters to give you time to re-energize and reflect. Classes do NOT meet during scheduled breaks, and no assignments will be due. Faculty are available to meet with you by appointment. Vacation periods (e.g., winter holidays) are just that — time off for you. Classes are not held on holidays.

  • Information Sessions

    Learn more about our program at one of our convenient MBA information sessions.

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  • Cohort Design

    A cohort is a group of 15-25 peers with whom you will take all of your courses. Your cohort will be the inner circle of your MBA learning community to support and challenge you as you develop personally and professionally into an effective business leader. The cohort format facilitates individual and collective commitment to the development of courageous leadership in ourselves and others.

    Cohorts begin each semester on campus and online. Please contact a graduate admissions counselor for more information.

  • Program Outcomes of The Concordia MBA

    Students will master core business concepts and analytical tools in marketing, economics, finance, management, operations, strategy, entrepreneurship and leadership. (Demonstrated through examinations, research papers, problem sets and practical applications)

    Students will be able to make courageous and effective decisions about complex business situations by utilizing quantitative and qualitative information along with ethics and personal values. Demonstrated through analytical writing, case studies, simulations, reflective writing, synthesis and critical thinking

    Students will be able to identify, organize and deploy resources necessary for an effective and efficient business or undertaking that positively impacts the community. Demonstrated through the creation of a plausible venture plan as judged by faculty and relevant experts (members of business, non-profit, public or governmental sectors)

    Students will be able to effectively communicate and collaborate with team members, those they are leading and community/business partners. Demonstrated through group projects, writing, presentations and use of social media (e.g., blogs, Facebook, website, Twitter)

    Students will develop and deepen their personal commitment, values and vision in order to be an authentic presence working for the common good. Demonstrated by writing and revising a personal leadership statement (upon starting and upon completing the program) and ongoing reflection papers