LISD Aspiring Leader

Concordia University Texas and Leander Independent School District are partnering together to give LISD members the opportunity to earn their Master of Education degree with a specialization in Educational Administration.

Unlike other programs, the LISD Aspiring Leader curriculum offers district-specific coursework, preparing students to advance in their careers with a distinctly LISD-oriented approach.

  • Attend courses one night a week at Cedar Park High School taught by Concordia University faculty and your own LISD leadership.
  • Program focused on school and district improvement and growth.
  • Candidates will have the opportunity to be certified in AEL and T-TESS.
  • Special grants available for LISD employees in this program.

 LISD Program Sheet

Application Requirements:

  1. Submit an application at
    1. Use the promo code LISD to waive the application fee
  2. Transcripts
    1. Unofficial or official transcripts from the degree-granting institution where you earned your Bachelor's degree are accepted for an admissions decision
    2. Transcripts are also required from each college or university where graduate work was completed
    3. Please note admission to the program will be contingent until official transcripts are received
  3. Valid Teaching Certificate
    1. This can be easily obtained by visiting the SBEC website
    2. Must have one full year of teaching experience in public or private school
  4. GPA Requirements
    1. Undergraduate GPA must be 3.0 or higher (cumulative OR last 60 hours) for standard admission
    2. Undergraduate GPA of 2.75-2.99 (cumulative OR last 60 hours), student must submit GRE scores*
  5. Service Record
    1. Can be requested by your Human Resource Department
  6. Employer Support Letter
    1. This letter is from your supervisor supporting you to participate in this program and assuring you an opportunity to act as an administrator during your course of study, especially when you will need to be away from your regular work assignments

*GRE Scores must reflect what is approved by TEA for admission: Verbal: 143-157; Quantitative: 140-155; Writing: 3-4.5

All students admitted to the Graduate Education Program at Concordia University Texas must:

  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 in order to stay in good standing as a graduate student
  • Students falling below the 3.0 requirement must bring their GPA to 3.0 within the next six (6) graduate hours earned or they will be academically ineligible to continue in the M.Ed. program
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