MYR | Missional Youth Retreat


2021 MYR | Big Fish

Concordia University Texas | June 6-10, 2021
A week for students to discover, experience, and focus on
their vocation, purpose, and passion.


At the 2021 MYR | Big Fish, students will spend five days participating in an experiential program that focuses on Christian leadership, service, and vocation. Not only that, but they will also be empowered and encouraged to discover their own gifts and talents as well as how they can serve the world in which we live.

  • Discover your calling.
  • Experience your purpose.
  • Focus on your passion.

Registration Process

Registration is open to all students who would like to learn how to live missionally.  All registrants must also either be nominated by their churches to attend this event, or submit a letter of reference from their pastor or DCE. If you are unsure if you have been nominated, please contact us or ask your church pastor. Registration will open this fall.

Students Register Here 

Out-of-state students: Students who are flying in should make note of this in the "comments" section of the registration form and we will contact you in regards to a shuttle. Out-of-state students should make plans to fly in on the afternoon of Sunday, June 6th, and fly out during the afternoon/evening of Thursday, June 10th.

For more information, please email


Are you a college student looking to get involved?  Apply to be an MYR College Counselor!

To be a college leader for MYR, there are a few requirements involved. You must:

  • Be a year out of High School
  • Be attending a church regularly for the past 6 months
  • Have attended MYR as a participant (If not a student at Concordia University Texas)
  • Have a letter of reference from one church member
  • Be willing to do any training required before the day of the event
  • Be willing to partake in an interview either through video call or in person.

 Counselor Application