Details about MYR

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2020 MYR | Big Fish
Concordia University Texas | June 1-5 2020
A week for students to discover, experience, and focus on
their vocation, purpose, and passion.


Students will spend five days participating in an experiential program that focuses on Christian leadership, service, and vocation. Not only that, but they will also be empowered and encouraged to discover their own gifts and talents as well as how they can serve the world in which we live.


  • Discover your calling
  • Experience your purpose
  • Focus on your passion

What is MYR? | MYR is a Missional Youth Retreat that is hosted by Concordia University Texas to encourage students to discover their calling, experience their purpose, and focus on their passion. Along with that, they will be serving the greater Austin area as well as joining in fellowship with Lutheran high schoolers from all over.


Who is MYR for? | MYR is open to all students who will be entering 9th grade through recently graduated 12th graders who have expressed interest and/or demonstrated interest in the field of ministry. While students don't need to serve in a church to fulfill this calling, this conference will help students discern their purpose and passion.


When is MYR? | June 1-5, 2020


What does a typical week at MYR look like? | Students arrive on Sunday evening for five spiritual days discovering, experiencing, and focusing on their vocation, purpose, and passion. Registration happens on Sunday evening followed by community building and opening worship that will set the tone for the rest of the conference. Throughout the rest of the week, students will experience a variety of ministry opportunities. They will have the opportunity to learn what it means to serve the body of Christ both in the church and other ministry organizations. Each day will consist of powerful worship, meaningful Bible study, and hands-on service learning opportunities. Students will ultimately be faced with the theme, Among the Nations. Learning and spiritual growth will be centered on a small group style with a professional church worker to facilitate learning and sharing on a more personal level.


How much does it cost? | Most of the conference expenses are covered by a grant from the Woltmann foundation to Concordia University Texas. Registration has been set at $80.00 and may be completed online through the registration process. The registration fee is waived for out-of-state students flying in and financial aid may also be available. Registration includes all meals, accommodations, events, and MYR apparel.