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First Time Freshman and Transfer Scholarships

First Time Freshman and Transfer Scholarships

First Time Freshman

Based on highest high school academic achievement, with or without test scores.  Communicated at the point of admission

  • President’s Scholarship:  $20,000
    • Enrollment Score: 83+
    • HS GPA: ≥3.8
  • Luther Scholarship:  $18,000
    • Enrollment Score: 72-82.99
    • HS GPA: 3.25-3.79
  • Walther Scholarship: $16,000
    • Enrollment Score: 72-82.99
    • HS GPA: 3.25-3.79
  • Kilian Award:   $12,000
    • Enrollment Score:  55-64.99
    • HS GPA:  ≤2.74
Transfer Students

Based on cumulative college GPA.  Communicated at the point of admission.

  • Prestige Scholarship:   $18,000
    • Enrollment Score: 1A
    • Cumulative GPA: ≥3.75
  • Distinguished Transfer Scholarship:  $15,000
    • Enrollment Score: 2A-3A
    • Cumulative GPA: 3.25-3.749
  • Achievement Scholarship:  $13,000
    • Enrollment Score: 4A
    • Cumulative GPA: 3.25-3.249
  • Distinction Award:  $12,000
    • Enrollment Score:  5A
    • Cumulative GPA:  ≤2.49
  • Notes:
    • International students are eligible for standard merit scholarships.
    • For all merit scholarships, students must maintain financial aid satisfactory academic progress and have 24 CTX credit hours per academic year to renew their scholarship.  Students must be enrolled full-time each semester.
    • Remedial courses count towards the 24 requirement.
Additional Scholarships/Awards Available Prior to Enrollment:

Other scholarships that may be applicable to students and that will be offered via the financial aid package based on the designation from the admissions evaluation form:

  • Church Work Grant– $2,500/year – Given to LCMS students with a major/minor/concentration in a church work program. This award is stackable.
    • This is mutually exclusive of the LCMS Award.
    • Declaration of Intent form is required.
    • No TEG
  • Community Scholarship– $2,000/year for 4 years – For FR who are selected by CTX from participating ISDs. This award is stackable.
  • Esports Scholarship – $2,000/year for students recruited as Esports athletes. This award is stackable.
  • Honors Award – $2,000/year for students accepted into the Honors Program. This award is stackable.
  • LCMS Award– $2,000/year for 4 years – Given to all students who attend an LCMS event, come from an LCMS source, and/or are from an LCMS congregation. This award is stackable.
    • Mutually exclusive of Church Work Grant.
  • Loyalty Award – $1,000/year for a maximum of 4 years – Given to each trad student if there are multiple family members currently attending CTX (all programs) or if they have an immediate family member (i.e. parent, child, sibling, and/or spouse) who is a CTX alum. This award is stackable.
    • Must maintain SAP to renew.
    • Family member enrollment reviewed each semester

Scholarships Available Post-Enrollment

Dr. Utzinger and a students

Dean's Scholarship

$1,000/year for every year they receive the Dean’s Scholarship for which the student must have 2 consecutive semesters of the same aid year (Fall & Spring) of a 3.5 CTX GPA.

Tornado Trailblazer Logo

Tornado Trailblazers Scholarship

$2,000 scholarship awarded to FR students who successfully complete the program.  Distributed as $1,000 in their first spring term, and the second $1,000 in their second fall term. This award is stackable.

*Notes: Students must maintain full-time enrollment and the specified academic requirements for each scholarship above in order to renew.