2020 ALCF Conference

Association of Lutheran College Faculties (ALCF)
84th Annual Conference
October 3, 2020

2020 Annual Conference is Virtual

Please note that the 2020 ALCF Conference is virtual. The 2020 mini-conference will be composed of a series of salon-style discussions, paper talks and virtual workshops. We invite you to submit an abstract for your talk, workshop or discussion. Abstracts are due September 1, 2020.

Conference Theme: Using the Past to Inform Our Future

We are living in unprecedented times. This year, the United States has faced pandemic, racial unrest and economic insecurity — all of which have affected our communities, social and political structures, and outlook for the future.

As educators, we have witnessed massive upheavals in higher education while responding to the global pandemic. Traditional, face-to-face courses were thrust into the realm of online learning. Dorms were closed, and campuses shut. Faculty mentored students whose lives were upended while at the same time wondering about the future for small, liberal arts colleges.

All these facts can leave us feeling unmoored and further isolated from one another. During these times, it is particularly important to seek out and pursue opportunities to foster connection with our peers. Join us in the discussion! Your input and voice is valuable, and we want to hear your perspective.

It is in this spirit that we cordially invite you to the 2020 VIRTUAL meeting of the Association of Lutheran College Faculties.

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Registration details will be announced in August 2020.

Talks, workshops and discussions will be organized through Zoom.

The 2020 mini-conference is free, but registration is required.

Schedule & Program

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the 2020 conference of the ALCF will be VIRTUAL, and talks will be scheduled for October 3, 2020.

Schedule details will be released in September and will include virtual oral presentation sessions, roundtable discussions and workshop sessions via Zoom.

Call for Papers

We encourage you to submit an abstract and join us in whatever way you are able!