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Here are some of the amazing things that are taking place on campus! Concordia University Texas is always looking for new ways to engage alumni by putting into practice the things that matter to you and the university.

New Doctor of Education Program

$1,000 Alumni Tuition Award Offered for MBA Program


New Doctor of Education Program

Enrollment is now underway in the new and long-awaited Doctorate of Education program, which officially begins this August. The three-year degree, an EdD, has two specializations and will be offered in a blended delivery of on-campus classes and online.

"The successful creation of this new doctoral program is clear evidence of Concordia's continued dedication to serving our students and community," said Concordia President and CEO Dr. Don Christian. "I congratulate everyone who worked hard to get the program designed, fully accredited and implemented. These are exciting times."

Students may choose a specialization in Educational Administration or Curriculum and Instruction. The Educational Administration specialization emphasizes leadership at the district or central office level and students become eligible to take the Texas Superintendent Exam. The Curriculum and Instruction specialization emphasizes leadership and focuses on curriculum and strategies for teaching.

"This program has been years in the making, and were all excited that it will produce future leaders of the highest caliber," said Dr. Allen Brown, Dean of the College of Education.

EdD students will meet one weekend per month in an on-campus setting, while also satisfying other course requirements in an online format. All students enrolled in the program take 24 credit hours of core courses then complete an additional 37 credit hours after successfully completing a qualifying exam.

"The two specializations offered are the most relevant and immediately needed areas of study for our students," said Dr. Mike Wallace, Program Director. "The hybrid nature of our EdD program gives students an opportunity to meet face-to-face with instructors while also providing the flexibility they need for personal study time that fits within their busy lives."

To apply for this fall, applicants must complete the application by July 1. Tuition is $700 per credit hour and locked for duration of the program.

Interested alumni are encouraged to attend an EdD information session. Contact Jessica Craig at 512-313-4620 or for details.

$1,000 Alumni Tuition Award Offered for MBA Program

A $1,000 alumni tuition award is being offered to Concordia graduates who would like to return to enroll in the MBA Program. All undergraduate majors are welcome to apply for the award, which is distributed over the fall 2016 and spring 2017 semesters.

"The university is stepping forward to invest in our graduates," said Dr. Elise Brazier, director of the MBA Program. "Our undergraduate alumni do very well in the graduate classroom and continue on in their careers as great leaders."

Returning to Concordia for graduate school has many benefits, including having quick and free access to undergraduate transcripts, and no application fee. Alumni are already familiar with the campus and many of the instructors, and they know their way around CTX website services and other processes.

With no GMAT or other entrance exams required, completing an application is simple and only requires a transcript and resume. Once an application is complete, admissions decisions are made in 10 business days or less.

"This is also a nice opportunity for our international students to access a break in tuition, where they may not otherwise be eligible," Dr. Brazier said. "We hope this incentive gets all of our undergraduates to take a look at the MBA Program and see how it can fit into their plans."

The two-year MBA Program is 36 credit hours (42 credit hours with a concentration in Healthcare Administration or Organizational Development Learning). Students can opt to fast track and complete the MBA Program (with no concentration) in 16 months. Classes meet one night per week from 6 to 10 PM.

"With so many educated newcomers moving to Austin, having an advanced degree can make a job applicant stand out," Dr. Brazier said. "The local job market is becoming more competitive every day. An MBA is a great investment."

Interested alumni are encouraged to attend an MBA information session, held monthly at both Austin campuses. Contact Lisa Maher at 512-313-4613 or for details. The tuition award is distributed $500 in fall 2016 and $500 spring 2017. Students must apply, be accepted and enrolled starting in fall 2016 for receive the full award.