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Jeff FroschSeptember 2018

To my fellow grads….

Greetings!  A favorite part of our work is to peek inside the lives of our graduates to find out what they’re up to these days.  The following is a great example of a start-up that’s happening here on campus involving Mr. Ben Haley, an MBA grad from 2012 and member of Alumni Council.

In Ben’s words…

“Sometimes life rewards you in ways you can never imagine! In 2009 my company NetQoS was acquired by CA (formerly Computer Associates). Reflecting back on the nine years since starting NetQoS made me wonder what made us successful and what could we have done better. That led me to the MBA program at Concordia started in 2010. Over the next two years I studied weekly with my cohort and professors to understand aspects of business that were foreign to this software engineer. It was a great experience and provided a few immediate opportunities to apply my new skills.

A few years later Dr. Lynette Gillis asked what I was working on and what I would like to do. I have always loved working with startups. She asked me to help with the Incubator for Innovation and Entrepreneurship business incubator starting at Concordia. I met with her and signed up as a mentor.

When a friend asked me to co-found his network security startup HOPZERO., we looked for help starting a company. That search led us back to the incubator's Venture Forth mentoring program (a partnership with Tech Ranch). After the program, we looked for office space, The Incubator for Innovation and Impact turned out to be the ideal place to start our new venture.

Now we are finding many more connections with Concordia. Our marketing efforts are led by Cindy Villanueava, a former professor at Concordia. Current MBA students are helping with market research. Tomorrow our founders are meeting with Rudy Rodriguez, one of my MBA lecturers, on enhancing our marketing communications. I never suspected my Concordia adventure would have such an impact on my career.”

Thanks Ben for sharing about HOPZERO.  Interesting stuff going on – for Ben and many more Concordia grads, some of whom we’ll feature in future editions of this newsletter.

At the top of this month’s newsletter was the information of the death and memorial service of Dr. Milton Riemer.  I wrote a piece in the August edition about my love and respect for this great man.  I’m saddened that he no longer walks in the light of this world.  I rejoice that he now walks in the Light of Jesus and has gained his heavenly reward.  Well done, good and faithful servant.

Also notable to me are reminders I receive from time to time from our grads about the deaths of their classmates.  I received recent email messages on the passings of Rev. Bryan C. Sullivan (’60) and Rev. Mark C. Follett (’86).  During their ministry here in Texas, Pastor Sullivan served the Church in Houston and Elgin, and Pastor Follett most recently led congregations in Jasper and Woodville.  And a note from former student Tina Holmes, whose father John Pickett (’55) received his eternal reward on August 11th.

Thanks to all for reading….and hope to see you here on campus for Founder’s Day, October 26th!

Jeff F.

Concordia Alumni Relations

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