Director's Blog: Consider This...

Dr. Prairie Burgess

Dear Fellow Grads…

Hello CTX Alumni! Let briefly me introduce myself. I’m Dr. Prairie Burgess, Assistant Professor of Leadership here at our beautiful campus. Every year, I get the pleasure of welcoming new students to our Concordia family in my role as the program chair for our Leadership Series.  This program includes Life & Leadership, one of the first classes all incoming students take with us.

Last year, Meredith Heathcoat (Director of Student Activities and CTX Alum ’12 & ‘17) and I worked with current students to develop CTX Tradition Teams for our first-time freshmen. These teams celebrate our history and core values, while helping make connections and build relationships for current students and alumni.

We are working to build student understand of the rich history and tradition of Concordia and connect those to the experiences they will have as Tornados. Our tradition teams create a family-style structure for our students and as we continue to grow this program, we hope that there will be more opportunities for alumni to connect back to the institution, and specifically with our current students to extend our wonderful legacy.

Each team name was selected to represent something specific about Concordia, incorporating our past, present, and future. We hope you will join with us as we celebrate Concordia Crossing this March and join one of our Tradition Teams.

CTX Tradition Teams


This team represents the value on the Concordia seal that says “In God we shall do valiantly”. It reminds us just how powerful our God is and that because of Him, we can have courage to live a life of service and vocation in His image.


This team is a celebration of our heritage that leads us forward on our journey. On October 26, 1926, Concordia opened its doors with 26 high school students. Over the next 92 years, we have grown into a four-year higher education institution with over 2,500 students offering 24 majors in a variety of fields and both undergraduate and graduate programs.


This team is named after the protected Golden Cheeked Warbler in the nature preserve on which our campus sits. Being stewards of God’s creation is an important part of our Christian leadership and we are blessed to support the endangered Central Texas native bird. (For more information on the Golden Checked Warbler and the preserve click here.)


This team is named after an amazing cave Concordia owns in Bexar County. This cave has yielded significant paleontological finds, including three full scimitar-toothed cat fossils (one on display at the Texas Memorial Museum in Austin), extinct turtles, mammoths, and thousands of other fossils. (For more information on this important find click here.)

How to Join a Team

We will have multiple opportunities to register with a Tradition Team at Concordia Crossing. You will be allowed to select your team and be given the option of purchasing a shirt to support your CTX tradition and pride! Shirts will be mailed after the event.

If you want more information about these teams, Life & Leadership, or ways you can connect with our incoming students, please feel free to email me at

I hope to connect with you at Concordia Crossing in March! Go Tornados!

Prairie Burgess, Ed.D.