Director's Blog: Consider This...

Jeff Frosch

July 2018


This month I’d like to pay tribute to all those that we meet along the way.  Each summer it seems we involve ourselves in a tornado of “busyness” – conventions, conferences, youth gatherings and the like.  It feels like a nice change of pace and it affirms my faith in the young (and not so young) that live within our sphere of influence.

Each person and family that we encounter blesses us by sharing his or her experience.  It’s a somewhat tongue-in-cheek jest in the Concordia-world to be careful who you speak of and what you say, because your receiver could be a cousin, in-law, former roommate or friend.  That aspect of who we are as a community has always brought me great comfort and consistently impresses me about our connectedness.

And it’s nice to encounter the kindness of our graduates who reach back to us by accepting an invitation to coffee or a meal amidst the times of convention.  Over the course of time we develop a rapport, kinship, friendship with folks as life happens.  Children, grandchildren, career changes & retirement, illness and passing from this life to the next.  Last week, for instance, I had the chance to reconnect with a gentleman I worked with as an admission counselor when he was transitioning to college.  The next day, I learned about true giving and stewardship from one of our grads who faithfully served as a parish pastor and then a philanthropy consultant.  That evening, we sat with a wonderful couple who announced the impending birth of a first grandchild.  On Sunday, it was a short trip to a Sunday service to celebrate the installation of a 2018 grad as she officially joined the Ministry as a Director of Christian Education. What a strong privilege to observe friends from the Concordia college days as they grow in vocation and take places of leadership in the Church and the world.  Oh, to be a fly on the wall of life!  Love it.

I’m anticipating a couple of big campus events in the next year that all of us should be aware of.  On October 26 we’ll celebrate Founders’ Day in honor of those pioneers who began classes at Concordia on 10/26/26 and those faithful families that send their teenaged sons to Austin to prepare them for their chosen vocations.  Plans include worship, campus and nature preserve tour, special seminars for alumni, current students and friends, lunch, a historical panel, athletic and musical events and dinner. This is a can’t-miss event for those who have a love of history and a curiosity to learn more about the people that helped to shape our mission and ministry.

The second period is March 8-10, 2019 when we host the third annual Concordia Crossing with a nod to the honor classes celebrating 10, 25 and 50 -year graduation anniversaries.  The schedule is too full to list here but can be found at The energy generated when you mix prospective students with current students, alumni and friends is spectacular.  Hope you can make it!

Peace be with you, and an occasional cool breeze as we journey down this road.

See you then,

Jeff F.
Alumni Relations

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