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Jeff FroschFebruary 2019


Dear Fellow Grads…

Greetings.  A few stream of consciousness, top of mind thoughts for this edition, as we lead into February….

I’m pleased to share that our focus on Alumni Relations has reached to our current student body. Under the direction of Prof. Prairie Burgess, we’ve established four “tradition teams.” These are groups of students who focus on Concordia history, tradition and heritage. One of the challenges of the campus move in 2008 involved the carriage of historic campus traditions to the current campus here at Four Points. It quickly became known that in addition to honoring our history, we also could and should create new patterns that would eventually make this place our home. The Tradition Teams combine a focus on our past preservation with an understanding of what makes this place special and unique. I think it’s a great idea. We Alumni will be invited to join the teams shortly and will be a bridge between present and past.

Speaking of traditions, Homecoming (Concordia Crossing) is a little over a month away. We’ll plan to come together on the weekend of March 8-10 to celebrate with family, friends and food. We do our best to try to create chances for our grads to (re)connect with favorite faculty and classmates in both formal and informal ways. I think especially this year of our time at Doc Meissner’s place in Hutto on Friday evening, March 8, beginning at 7 p.m. It’s not the same location that many remember but I believe that Doc is the same great guy he was “back then,” at least to me he is, and I believe you’ll experience the same.

We’re also bringing together the Honor Classes that weekend, beginning with a dinner here on campus on Friday March 8.  Graduates from 1969, 1994 and 2009 will be remembered. Those from adjacent classes are also welcome to join the fun, as you knew them best. It’s been especially fun to interact with the ’69 grads as they share stories, connect with each other and plan to honor their 50th.

Spring and Summer will bring a few additional activities that you can be a part of. We’ll gather in late April in Dallas at the home of Juli (’98) and Todd Schkade for a festive evening, and then again in early August for the annual Frisco Rough Riders minor league baseball game, vs. the new team from Amarillo.  We also have plans for minor league baseball outings in Austin and San Antonio this summer and hopefully another gathering in early May in Chicagoland.

Finally, I had the great honor of meeting and spending time with a person who I believe to be the oldest living alum of our school, Mr. Carl Doering and his wife Dolores. Mr. Doering attended Concordia as a high school student from 1937 – 1941 and went on to live a deeply meaningful life of service to his community and others. I’ll write more of Mr. Doering’s story next month and maybe the next as well.

Words cannot properly express the deep joy and profound respect I find in learning of these connections and having stories shared.  It is a true honor!

More to come….

Jeff F.

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