5 Reasons to Commit to Concordia University Texas

Jul. 15, 2021 by Adriana Thompson

CTX student and familyIf you've been admitted to Concordia University Texas, we want to say congratulations! The next phase in the enrollment process is to commit to Concordia by making your deposit. The non-refundable deposit for on-campus students is $275 and $150 for commuting students.

Here are the top five reasons you should commit to Concordia University Texas today.

5. Reserve Your Seat

Your deposit ensures that you have a seat at Concordia University Texas. It indicates your commitment to attend the University.

It also serves as your housing application if you're going to live on campus. Beginning in the Fall 2021 semester, all incoming students are required to live on campus during their freshman and sophomore years.

4. Register for Orientation

Orientation is mandatory for every student who joins Concordia. To register for orientation, you first have to make your deposit.

The orientation for undergraduate students is called Embark! The two-day orientation introduces you and your parents to life at CTX. You will learn more about navigating the ins and outs of the University and transitioning to life as a CTX Tornado.

3. Register for Classes

Once you commit to Concordia by making your deposit, the student academic planners will register you for your first semester of courses before orientation. Your academic planner will walk you through your schedule and answer any questions you have.

2. Become an Official CTX Tornado

Once you commit to Concordia by making your deposit, you officially become a CTX Tornado!

There are two essential things to know as a new Tornado. First, our spirit slogan is "Woosh." Second, VorTex the Tornado is our mascot.

students with Vortex on CTX campus

1. Begin Your Life-Changing Adventure

Once you commit to Concordia University Texas, you can officially begin your life-changing adventure here.

Concordia is unique because you have the opportunity to grow not just in academics but also as a person. There are multiple ways to grow your faith in Christ, develop new knowledge and skills, and prepare for meaningful work.


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