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Concordia Student Studies Abroad

February 28, 2017

Article written by Chelsey Doering

Matthew Brooks, Communication major set to graduate this spring, has this semester taken an incredible opportunity available to all Concordia students: He is studying abroad in Cambridge, England.

Brooks, a talented photographer, was happy to share some photos of his new adventure, as well as some updates on how his first couple months on another continent were going.

“I am taking mostly theology classes,” he said. “Science and Religion, Introduction to Islam, Christianity in the Arts, Christian Ethics, and a course in British Life and Culture.”

So far, Brooks has been able to tour castles, cathedrals, all the “nooks and crannies” of downtown London, and has enjoyed a weekend trip to Ireland. He also says that some of his fellow peers who are studying abroad come from sister schools Concordia Irvine and Chicago. Others are from Bulgaria and elsewhere in England.

Brooks has faced many challenges, obstacles, and cultural differences during his time in the UK, but he credits his experience at Concordia with helping him to do so successfully.

“I made lifelong friends at Concordia who I can always talk to if I get a little homesick,” he said.

Luckily, the class sizes at Cambridge are very similar to that which Brooks experienced at Concordia. “Communication with the tutors (or, professors) is not an issue, just like at CTX.”

When asked what he’s learned so far, Brooks said that he tries to make the most of every occasion offered. “I am here to explore Europe. Money and time are both definitely factors when it comes to seizing the moment, but I would rather go without sleep and take advantage of the free activities that abound here. I plan on making the most of every opportunity by trying something new every day.”

To follow Matthew’s travels through his photography, please visit his Instagram account.