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7 Essential Dorm Room Hacks

June 13, 2017
Decorate the smart way

Hey incoming Tornados!

So, you’re about to experience dorm life for the first time...

Are you worried about how you are going to share the space with someone else? Are you wondering what types of items might make your first year in a dorm a little bit easier?

We have some tips here to help you make the most of the space without sacrificing any of the organization.

1. Store items under your bed

You’ve been taught all your life not to shove everything under the bed. Erase that from your memory and learn to make the most of the beauty that lies beneath your mattress.

Dorm room beds have the ability to be lifted and lofted higher than your typical bed and utilizing that space allows you to avoid overcrowding the rest of the room. Use laundry baskets, plastic containers, fabric bins or file boxes to store items such as clothes, shoes, extra bedding, books and movies.

2. Hang a shower caddy for your desk supplies

Your desk supplies will be easily within reach, but completely out of the way. Hang the caddy on the wall directly above your desk. This way, you can use the desk to study without cluttering it up with pens, notebooks, folders and other knickknacks.

Desk Caddy

3. Label your cords

Forget the struggle of yanking on various chargers and cords on your power strip in hopes of finding the right one to plug into your computer. Instead, use brightly colored washi tape to create labels for your mess of cords.

Label your cords

4. Use removable plastic pods to keep your toiletries organized

Plastic pods are a great way to utilize already available wall space to hold various toiletries. You save valuable bathroom counter space so you and your roommates can coexist more peacefully. Bonus points, it looks tidier.

Plastic Pods

5. Attach a bed rail cubby

A bed rail cubby is designed to fit perfectly on the bedpost or side rail of a dorm bed. It's great for storing lap tops, textbooks, electronics, water bottles, notebooks, remotes, etc. so they are easily within reach.

Bed Rail Cubby

6. Hang keys and jewelry

You will misplace your keys.

However, if you remember to hang them on their designated hook each time you come back to your room, you should always be able to leave at a moment’s notice without enduring the struggle (and sometimes mini panic attack) of searching for them in a frenzy.

Whether you attach some simple hooks to the wall, or splurge on a key rack, never lose your keys again. As an added benefit, you can hang your favorite jewelry up as well.

Hang Keys

7. Stackable drawers are your friend

You will probably discover a random space in between your bed and your desk, your desk and the refrigerator, etc., so stackable drawers will come in handy.

They come individually, pull out like drawers and are available in multiple colors. They can stack up as high as your heart desires and are perfect for art supplies, shoes, hats, scarves and other accessories.

Stackable Drawers