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Eight Things to Do on a Rainy Day at CTX

August 28, 2017

Take pictures

Rain is already so aesthetically pleasing that snapping a picture of our stunning campus will really get you likes. P.S., follow us on Instagram and share your best campus photos!

Listen to music

Has someone recommended an album to you that you’ve never made time for? Or maybe a song? Is your iTunes playlist more than four years old? Have you somehow forgotten to follow us on Spotify? Now’s the perfect time to expand your musical boundaries!

Call your mom

But really, call your mom. She definitely misses you. Don’t leave your dad out either. He might not admit it, but he wouldn’t mind that phone call either.

Read a book

Read a book you aren’t required to read. Something just for you, just for fun. You might have forgotten how much you like sitting down with a book that you picked out on your own.

Explore the residence hall lounge area

Guess what our dorms have in the lounge? Flat screen televisions, pool tables, a ping pong table, a foosball table (sensing a trend here?), a small kitchenette, study rooms and an electric piano!

Have a board games night

Bored? Board games might be the solution. Start playing some games in our Student Center and see how many new friends you meet.

Make a Slip ‘N Slide

You’re already wet anyway. We’ll let you figure out how to proceed on this one.

Complete a task you always put off

Hate organizing? Cleaning? Doing homework? Folding laundry? Do all the things that you usually procrastinate and enjoy a worry-free weekend of catching some Z’s.