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Service Day on the Preserve

May 08, 2017
Serving Nature

Today, the preserve was a little busier than usual as faculty gathered for a day spent clearing paths, restoring picnic tables and painting.

According to Zach Stark, Concordia's new director of environmental stewardship, today's faculty service project was just the start of the work to come.

"We are still discussing the potential outcomes of the space," Stark said.

The visual elements and probable space usage are in the works, as the plan is for faculty to really take ownership of the land. Staff are disucssing what they hope will be a good five-year vision for the property.

Concordia has been making efforts to share the beauty of their campus with the community. In late March, the university hosted Nature Fest, which included tours of the university’s federally protected preserve, as well as tours of the campus itself. Preserve tours themed for specific interests, an outdoor speaker series, guided bird watching, a Concordia Sustainability Club gardening demonstration, a hands-on drone demonstration and local exhibitors educated and entertained visitors and students.

Preserving the Preserve