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College Move-In Day Tips for Freshmen

August 09, 2017
Dorm move-in day

Congratulations! You are flying the coop, and you are probably so excited to get started in your newfound independence. Before the fun starts you have to get situated. Move-in day is often stressful and chaotic for parents and students alike.

Emotions are running high, space is running low and patience is running thin. Here are some tips for you to make sure this day goes as smoothly as possible.

To start things on the right foot with your roommate, try to arrive at the same time so you can have equal say in the room set up. When designing the room, try to make it more like a home and less like a “my side vs. your side” war.

It will be hot. Take cold drinks for you, your family and anyone else you tricked into helping out. You owe them!

Arrive as early as possible. Check-in procedures must be followed, but you can get ants in your pants waiting for all the early birds to get set up first. Be that early bird that everyone envies.

Lysol the whole room before you move in any of your items. Leftover germs linger, and students are often infected by dorm plague early on.

Take tools with you such as a hammer, pliers, a crescent wrench, screw drivers, nails, a tape measurer, a drill, a level and duct tape. You might not think you need these things right away, but we guarantee at least a few will come in handy.

most interesting manWhen you are hauling large items, it can be impossible to open doors. Invest in a door stopper. This will come in handy later, when you are that open-door-room that everyone wants to hang out in.

Locate the nearest Home Depot, Staples, Lowes and Target. You probably forgot something and trying to locate one of these stores in a rush just adds to the stress.

Bite the bullet and rent a U-Haul if you have a lot of stuff (you know who you are)

For the love of all that is good, leave the suitcases at home. Duffle bags or large garbage bags are what you should use to pack your things. A garbage bags lets you easily organize ahead of time into categories such as bathroom, bedroom, clothing and items you know you will need immediately.

Garbage bags are especially great for hanging clothing as you can transfer your clothes from closet to car to closet without taking them off the hanger and getting them dirty. Suitcases are nothing but a waste of space that you really don’t have.

Be polite to your parents. Be polite to your siblings. Be polite to the friends whose arms you twisted into helping you out. Say please. Say thank you. Say sorry if you hit someone with a piece of furniture and then offer them a hug and a band-aid.

These people care enough about you to endure the exhausting experience of move-in day and they need to be thanked. Also, buy them dinner afterward :)

See you on Aug. 25! Find out more about campus housing here. P.S., Check out our packing checklist to make sure you don't forget anything!