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Undecided? How to Choose a Degree!

September 19, 2017

Are you currently undecided? Does it feel like everyone else has declared a major but you?

You are not alone! Here are some tips to help you discover what you should be studying!

Are you ruled by passion or practicality?

Usually, you go after a degree either for post-graduation employment prospects, or a true passion.

A select few may be able to encompass both, but this is far less typical and those aren’t the type of people visiting a blog like this. Deciding whether or not you are someone interested in finding immediate, steady employment, or someone willing to chase their dreams is the first step in choosing a major.

Pros of choosing a practical degree

A college education is a significant investment.

Certain degrees tend to yield higher profits, so those wanting to quickly pay off their student loans have a better shot at accomplishing that goal by choosing a degree that can land them a job in a high-paying field.

Prospects, prospects, prospects. Choose to major in computer science, finance or business and not only will you have tons of job opportunities available, you are likely to immediately secure a position in your field as soon as you turn your tassel.

You can probably live where you want. Dream of the mountain life? Curious what it’s like in a big city? Hoping to live 10 minutes from the beach. A practical job will give you options to move to your desired destination.

Cons of choosing a practical degree

You might not enjoy your experience in college as much as someone deciding their major based on their interests.

It’s possible that you will be unhappy in your career, regardless of job prospects, finances and security, because of a lack of passion.

You could very well end up back in school searching for something you are more excited about.

Pros of choosing a degree based on passion

You will find your college courses exciting and interesting.

If you find your dream job, you will likely be very fulfilled and happy.

You will likely form close relationships with your college peers and mentors.

Cons of choosing a degree based on passion

It might be more challenging finding your dream job, particularly if you have a certain geographic region in mind.

You might have to compromise in pay, status, stability or position in order to get employed.

You could very well end up back in school, searching for a practical job that pays more or that is more readily available.

What makes you tick?

What are your interests? What motivates you? What subjects are you drawn to at school and in life? Is there that special something that gets you out of bed?

Here are some tools for more in-depth self exploration that list some compatible career options:

Check out employment trends

Get a pulse on the job market. Maybe, just maybe, you will find that your dream job isn’t doing so bad with prospects.

Here are some resources to help:

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