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Graduation Day Guide

April 26, 2018

Embrace the flash

You will get tons of photos snapped of you throughout your day. Family members will want pictures of you getting ready, shots of you at graduation and then posed pictures with every single family member after the ceremony.

If you're planning on celebrating after your commencement, you are bound to face countless cameras throughout the festivities. Let it be. You can't change it, and some things are easier to accept beforehand.

The cap hair is real

Today is not the day to try out a new elaborate hairstyle, to create a voluminous look or to spend any more time than usual on your 'do.

Your cap (if worn correctly) will squish your hair down. Don't fight it, there's nothing you can do unless you have a buzz cut or a bald head. Just remember, the ladies of the '80s dealt with this while sporting perms. I rest my case.

Humor your parents

Chances are, they are very proud of you and this might come off in spurts of extreme excitement. Remember, they raised you and made it possible for you to be where you are today.

When your mom wants to hug you and cry on your shoulder after you turn the tassel, let her. When your dad obnoxiously whistles as you walk across the stage, don't criticize him later. Let them enjoy the moment with you!

Ashes, ashes, you won't fall down

You are a soon-to-be college graduate. You can calculate the rate of change, you can write 10-page term papers and you are intelligent enough to earn a degree!

There is no way you are suddenly going to forget how to walk when your name is called. Tripping is almost an irrational fear, unless you have the grace of Lizzie McGuire. Stand tall, walk proud and let the camera catch your good side!

Don't forget to take it all in

With the stress of getting to the ceremony on time, entertaining family members and reflecting on this chapter of your life closing, it's easy to forget to stay present.

However, you deserve to live in the moment! You owe it to yourself to really enjoy the feeling of fulfilling your education! Smile, pat yourself on the back and take in the good feels.