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CTX Weather: Straight from the Underground!

January 31, 2018

🌀🌂🌤🌧🌪🌬🌨🌡Have you heard that CTX has a weather station? That's right, our own weather station is running right over the library!

Next time you wonder how much rain fell, or what the temperature or wind speed is like on campus, go straight to the source. Our Davis Instruments station is always working away. Monitor the live data anytime via Weather Underground. Campus weather data is sent up every minute to be recorded and graphed in real time.

This month, we have hit temperatures as low as 15.6 degrees❄️, and haven't quite reached 70 degrees🔅.

Next time you are lying in bed, having an internal debate about whether it will be cold enough for a jacket, check out current campus conditions here!