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How to Impress Your Professors this Semester

January 08, 2018

It’s a new year and a new semester! If you have only one resolution this year, why not make it to keep your professors on your good side?

After all, you might want to use them for job recommendations one day, or you might find they will be a little more willing to lend you extra assistance in class if they at least kind of/sort of like you.

With that being said, here are five ways to master the art of winning over your professors!

Stop multitasking

Having your phone out while your professor is lecturing is always a no-no. Staring blankly into space while daydreaming about your next meal is also a form of giving your divided attention.

Do you take notes on your computer? Actually take notes! Don’t check Facebook, respond to emails, scroll your Twitter feed and certainly don’t watch videos (even silently.)

Trust us, you aren’t as sneaky as you think you are, and your lack of attention can actually distract others around you.

If you are too tempted to open up other windows, try downloading SelfControl, an application that blocks certain websites that keep you from studying. You can set SelfControl up to keep you off these sites during all of your scheduled courses.

You’ll thank us later. If all else fails, take notes on paper!

Attend office hours

If you are getting confused about something in class, even if you just need assurance that you have the concept down, attending the professor’s scheduled office hours is the time to do that.

Office hours are there for a reason and students that take the time to utilize all extra resources are remembered! Extra points for checking the syllabus for the listed office hours instead if emailing the professor!

Study up or own up

Failing to meet deadlines for papers, assignments and projects is not acceptable. Your professors don’t want to hear excuses for your lack of timeliness or your pleas for extended timelines.

They also don’t want to listen to your negotiations for extra credit or retaking an exam or a quiz.

Nine times out of 10, if extra credit or retakes aren’t explicitly mentioned, it’s because they don’t exist. This isn’t high school.

Attend every class

Sleeping in is not worth missing a class, no matter how exhausted you feel when the alarm goes off. Figure out a good sleeping schedule!

If you absolutely have to miss a class or two, be sure to ask a classmate for notes, not your professor.

Make the extra effort

Did your professor mention a certain extracurricular lecture or other on-campus event that would be beneficial for you to attend?

Show up! Your presence will be noticed and noted.