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Six Ways to Start Spending Less

March 12, 2018
cash flying

Do you have trouble saving money? You’re not alone. As a student, temptations to spend cash are around every corner. Whether your weakness is fun, tacos or coffee, we have some ideas to help you start saving fast!

Make your own coffee

The upcharge on coffee is absolutely insane. If you’re spending $4+ at Starbucks every day, that’s more than $20 a week to caffeinate yourself.

Instead of buying your java out, brew your own! Consider drinking it from a reusable travel coffee mug to be even more financially and environmentally savvy.

Don’t sign up for unnecessary credit cards

As a college student, you are a target for credit card companies. In fact, you might be their prime prospect.

You have a long line of credit ahead of you, meaning many years of future interest payments. If you do have a credit card, keep your limit low to stick to a reasonable budget, and make sure you have a good interest rate!

Limit using it as much as possible, and always make your payments on time.

Find out which stores and brands offer student discounts

There are many places that offer discounts to students with student identification.

Check out this list to see where Tornados can go to save some cash.

Grocery shop smarter

Some stores might charge a premium price for the shopping experience, whereas discount grocery stores have edible food (the goal) for reasonable prices.

Seek out more affordable grocery stores, and know that the experience eating the food later on is probably more important than the vibe you get while pushing your cart around the fancier markets.


If you and your friends have the same destination in mind, ride together. Everyone can pitch in for gas and you can make the experience all the more fun by having a jam session. Check out our Spotify for some suggestions!

Download Mint

College students are notorious for having struggles sticking to a budget.

Mint helps users learn to manage their savings and spendings more efficiently and gives them a clear picture as to which categories those dollars are flying off to. You can also opt to pay your bills via Mint, and even track your credit score.

This app doesn't cost a dime. Cha-ching!