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The Meaning of Teaching: A Student’s Perspective

December 13, 2018
Grace Gunther

As I started writing about this topic of “Teaching and Learning” I began by contemplating these words and what teaching and learning mean to me. My thoughts on these words has evolved in my time so far at Concordia through the classes I have taken and the conversations that I have had with others.

A year or two ago if I was asked about teaching and learning, I would have probably said that teachers teach and students learn. Now I have a much deeper understanding of teaching and learning than I did. I now believe there is so much more implied by these terms of teaching and learning.

These terms now lead me to think about the word education. There are so many levels of education: elementary, middle and high school; college and beyond; and then there is educating yourself by reading and listening to the thoughts of others. This last idea of education can be done by anyone of any age in any setting.

This form of education might be the biggest of all; this is what gets you thinking, evaluating, considering other opinions, making your own decisions and working out how your thoughts compare to others: determining your personal ideologies, how you think about life, politics, religion and how you think about people in general.

Importance of Reading

I think that reading is such an important activity for everyone. Reading is an incredible way to learn new things and therefore teach others.

I love to read, and I eat up the ideas and knowledge that others have written about. I believe that there is a book for everyone and that everyone should be constantly reading as a means of learning about new ideas, cultures, people, relationships, etc.

Lifelong Learning

I believe that education should be a priority of everyone on whatever level they are currently at. Since my end goal is to be a teacher, one who educates others, I cannot express strong enough how deeply I believe in everyone being a lifelong learner.

Teachers are educators, but they must also always be learning. Education is constantly changing, there are always new studies and new “best” ways of teaching. Teachers need to stay on top of both trends in education and their content area.

The more I learn about education and the more education classes I take, the more I realize how much goes into teaching. In the past year especially, I have gained a much greater appreciation for all of the teachers that I have had and all teachers in general.

I am gaining a better idea of all of the components that go into teaching and being a teacher. I am beginning to realize what an exciting task teaching is, but also a daunting one.

Teachers are responsible for the learning of their students, and this idea is incredible but it also terrifies me. That is a huge responsibility.

College is flying by and in a little over a year I will be student teaching and then graduating after that and becoming a teacher, and while I am so excited for that next chapter of my life to start, I am also so scared to be responsible for teaching students and ensuring that they are learning.

Looking to Jesus Christ

For me, education and educating goes beyond just teaching and ensuring that students are learning, but it is caring for, loving and encouraging each of them in all parts of their lives. A great way to learn more about education and teaching and learning is to look at an example.

What better example of a teacher is there than Christ?

He is the ultimate teacher and I believe that the more we learn about Christ, the better we can emulate Him. Jesus is the perfect teacher and the ultimate example for all teachers and all people to follow.

In Luke 6:40 Jesus tells His disciples, “The student is not above the teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher”.

This same idea is true for us today. The more we learn about Jesus the more like Him we will become in our lives and in our teaching.

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